Why Klaroline Needs To Happen

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WARNING: Spoiler trigger alert


 Now that The Vampire Diaries have come to its bittersweet ending after 8 long and wondrous years,  we're open to new fantasy compelling tv shows like that of TVD.  Well,  they do have The Originals which is a series spin-off that features the then-enemies of our TVD favorites. However,  some of us TVD fanatics who haven't watch TO yet,  need a very convincing reason to jump aboard to TO.


 Although,  I've heard lots of positive reviews about the storyline of the Originals,  personally I just don't see enough hype for me to watch 3 seasons just to catch up.  BUT,  I would 100%, without no doubt,  binge-watch The Originals,  if they feature KLAROLINE. I think that we as fans of the Klaroline ship,  have waited long enough for this and we do not deserve just a mere letter,  WE NEED SCENES PEOPLE.

This is for Julie Plec and the writers of TVD and the Originals,  Casts,  Candice Accola,  Joseph Morgan, the people who haven't jump shipped to Klaroline fandom,  and my fellow Klaroliners, here are the reasons why KLAROLINE NEEDS TO HAPPEN.


 1.  C H E M I S T R Y

This is probably one of the firsts in my life that I will talk about chemistry in a positive way. Just kidding.  Anyway,  Caroline Forbes has been partnered to almost all available single guys in tvd but none of them really made a huge impact except for our drool worthy and brooding Klaus Mikaelson. They just had a few scenes together but OH MY LAWD,  their interactions are like sizzling my screen. They just have a connection together and most of us can see it. Caroline complements Klaus in a way that her positive personality lights up the darkness in the life of Klaus. It's infectious that we do see Klaus genuinely smile at times whenever he's with Caroline.  Right,  right?


 2.  Caroline Forbes Deserve That Lead

To be honest,  the character of Candice Accola wasn't a showrunner in seasons 1-6. Caroline Forbes was recognized and well developed after Elena left. We saw more of what the character can offer other than be a sidekick to the main chick. And I don't know with you,  but I love it.  However, I felt that her well written character was cut short after two seasons and it wouldn't hurt to see her again and probably be one of the leads in the Originals.


 3.  Klaus Seriously Needs a Queen

Klaus has always been too dark which leads to overthought bad decisions. It would be great to see him plot plans to destroy his enemies with a little advice from his love since he seldom listen to his siblings anyway.


4.  They're Both Single ( and ready to mingle, we hope)

Since their love interests in different shows died tragically,  I think it's about time they pair up. Cami and Stefan weren't really meant for each of them. (Sorry Klamille and Steroline fans) It's hard to replace a pair which has impacted an audience so much.  (Hello Klaroline fans) With them still mourning with their past love,  we're willing to wait a little more time for Klaroline,  after all we've waited years already.


 5.  New Addition to The Originals Fam

TVD aired their final episode and thus concluded the eight year story of our favorite vampires.  Caroline Forbes can freely jump to The Originals fam once they see the perfect opportunity. Since Caroline and Alaric built a school for the gifted, why not put Klaus' daughter there, too?  Or maybe the twins can save the Mikaelsons? There are a lot of options where Caroline can swoop in the scenes.  We would really love that.


There are fans who give up on their after a long time of no hope.  We, Klaroliners,  have waited long enough and we never gave up.


However Long It Takes.

We will still continue to love Klaroline.

Unbranded Silicon Sponge: Will It Work?

Beauty blender is a heaven's gift to a makeup lover. Not only can we stop using our fingers as a beauty tool but also save a lot of time blending that perfect finished look. By now, you must have heard of a beauty blender made of silicon or a.k.a. Silisponge. The original silisponge is popularized by Molly cosmetics.

I'm going to test out an unbranded silisponge since the original is a little expensive. I bought this silisponge in an online shop, actually you can buy this in Divisoria. I happen to stumble into this whilst looking for budget products to review. This cost me Php 60.00 which is a very affordable sum of money if you're looking for a high quality beauty tool.

There's nothing much to say really, the sponge in itself is silicon. It's very soft, kind of like a gummy bear. It's almost too soft to eat. It's plastic so you can wash it easily.

- You can wash it easily
- Does not absorb product
- Affordable
- Flexible

- Harder to blend
- Hurts to dab on your face


The main selling point of this product for me is that it does not absorb products. I love beauty blenders but it can really soak up your expensive foundation which is a waste, really. Although, there are cons, the pros easily outweighed them. Although, using your fingers are better, I guess. It's free and you can also wash it.

If you can understand Filipino, I have a review video you might want to check out up in my channel.

Let's All Be Beautiful Together,

Mieganda x

Aislestyle.co.uk: Your Online Shop for Magnificent Dresses

(Pictures from Aislestyle.co.uk)
It's always fun to shop for clothes in stores, especially dresses. There is just a certain level of extravagance when you see laces and thick fabric spiraling to a grandeur - designed for women. Moreover, dresses are so in right now because you'll never go wrong with wearing one in a fabulous event. (Of course, you have to stick to the theme) However, there are just times when there is too much going on and you can't go in stores physically which makes online shops more convenient. In addition, there are already models who tried the outfit for you so you can visualize it when it is worn. This saves quite a lot of time since you will not fit each of the dresses yourself.

Ladies, if you're looking for an online shop where you can buy beautiful, quality dresses then aislestyle is for you. www.aislestyle.co.uk is a haven for all kind of dresses. You choose what you want and then buy it from them. They ship to almost every country so it's really readily available from where you are. 

Their dresses have many varieties. If you look in their tabs you can see certain descriptions. (Ex. Sexy, princess, under 100 Euros and the like) This is really helpful in narrowing down your choices of appropriate dresses to wear in the occasion you will attend. Just to help you visualize the kinds of dresses they offer I will jot down a couple of their product below, you're welcome by the way. ;)

These kind of dresses should make you stand out but not too much because the occasion is still for the bride. However, just a little attention isn't so bad. I prefer simple and flowy dresses for a bridesmaid dress but it still depends on the theme.  

           1. Lace Bridesmaid Dresses

Lace has always been an elegant addition to a clothing design. As long as it's not overdone, it would be a perfect compliment to the simple flow of a dress - much like the one in the picture.

This is what it would look like if you're going to order the dress. I was surprised because they offer many color choices which will fit any theme.

           4. Long Bridesmaid Dresses

I've always loved wearing long dresses simply because when you walk it feels like your gliding and its a very beautiful feeling.

           3. Short Bridesmaid Dresses

As much as I prefer long dresses than short ones, there are others who are more comfortable in short ones. Moreover, it all depends on the theme, really.The good thing is the shop offers tons of designs and variations.

           4. Plus Size Bridesmaid Dresses

It's satisfying to see shops who offers wide range of sized not just the classic small to medium size.


      - Wedding Party Dresses - 

They not only have dresses for bridesmaid but also for others as well. We all know that weddings require a lot of guest and also assigned roles like flower girl, bridesmaid, etc.

For flower girls, you could go for this cute two-piece dress:

or if you're a wedding guest who wants to slay, then this red dress is for you:

- Special Occasions Dresses -  

To add cherry on top, Aislestyle has dresses specifically made for communion and parties. (cocktail dresses)

Link of the product: http://www.aislestyle.co.uk/nectarean-ball-gown-short-sleeve-hand-made-flowers-floorlength-communion-dresses-p-402.html

Link of the product: http://www.aislestyle.co.uk/illusion-neck-short-sleeve-knee-length-chiffon-cocktail-dress-p-7909.html 

This is indeed a great shop to buy your dresses! 

To know more about Aislestyle, visit their site: http://www.aislestyle.co.uk

CDO Amenities Supply: A Company Tailored for your Hotel Business

Photo from: www.ecopuretech.biz
When booking hotels, people always check the price, place and the ambiance. The rooms are prepared for giving the customers hassle-free relaxation that should fit closely to home. Meaning, hotel rooms should cater for the complete needs of the consumer - water, bed, soap, shampoo and such. Thus, what really completes the experience is the amenities offered by the company. Without them, it would just be a room where people can sleep in and not a place they will want to stay longer.

Source: www.facebook.com/CDOAmenitiesSupplies
 This is where CDO Amenities Supply comes in. It is a company under Eco Puretech which solely focuses on personalized hotel amenities, toiletries and condiments. They are also an eco-friendly company so purchasing orders from them can also do the environment good as their products are all biodegradable. They also guarantee the quality of their products as they are all laboratory tested so it’s safe to use. So far they are based in Cagayan De Oro city here in the Philippines but they also accept orders outside the city. They are only accepting bulk orders (10,000 pcs each item). Their price depends on your preferences. (e.g. Do you want your logo to be embroided or you’re okay with a generic one?)

I will list most of their products so you would be informed in what they’re offering.

  • Hotel Amenities
This is perfect for Hotels, Apartments, and the like. You can tell them all your preferences; colors, sizes, cloth, and logo embroidery. For the bottled products - they let you choose on what design you want which is posted in their facebook page and website. They offer the following:

Bed linens of ALL types (Flat and Fitted Sheets)

Source: www.facebook.com/CDOAmenitiesSupplies

Bathrobes, Face towels, Hand towels

Source: www.facebook.com/CDOAmenitiesSupplies

Foot Mats and Mattress Protectors

Source: www.facebook.com/CDOAmenitiesSupplies

Shampoo Bottles (With or without Shampoo)


Hand and Body Lotion (There are tons of bottle designs to choose from)

Source: www.facebook.com/CDOAmenitiesSupplies

Bath Soap (You can choose on what kind of paper to cover the soap with)

Source: www.facebook.com/CDOAmenitiesSupplies

Dental Kit

Source: www.facebook.com/CDOAmenitiesSupplies

  • Personalized Condiments
This is what’s great for Eco Puretech and CDO Amenities Supply, they cater to wide range businesses and not just hotels. They have personalized condiments for coffee, creamer, white sugar, and brown sugar.

These are just some of the products they have in store for you. They still have tons more on their sites which is listed below.

For more information:

Visit their Facebook Page:

This company really is a one stop shop for your Hotel or food business.

8 Life - Changing Quotes from Don Soriano's Break Free + A Book Review

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Reading has always been a great hobby for people. However, there are different books which gives readers different kinds of experience. Whenever you allot your time to this hobby, your immersed in different views, and it's surreal.


Don Soriano's Break Free: 8 principles to get from employee to employer in 3 years or less gives a whole different meaning to giving others life - changing lessons.

 The one unique thing about this book is that it's a portable, convenient and an inspiring short read. It has a total of 81 pages with detailed and interesting principles on how you can break free from your bad habits. What I like about this book is that it's very detailed, the author showed a step by step guide on how you can be successful. I feel like it's very helpful to me, especially because I haven't experienced a lot in life yet. Therefore, I'm not used to failures in such a grandeur and so I don't know what path to take for me to avoid massive disappointments. Well, this book really explain what you should and shouldn't do and it portrayed it in a way that you can agree to each point. There are times in the book where I would go, I haven't thought of that but that's a good point and so I'm learning with every flip of a page.

The 8 principles on the other hand, looks self explanatory but then when he explained, he gave informative examples which fits the lessons perfectly. He even gave illustrations and equations on how you can save money which is very helpful for people who aren't too keen on accounting their money (including me). This is a very influential book because it lets you learn things you thought you knew but really haven't scratched the surface yet.

Because I was so affected by this book, I decided to compile short quotes from each principles that hit me hard. (let this be a quick sneak peek of the book for you because I don't want to spoil too much)

1. "Being emotional allows smart people to make dumb decisions."

2. "The best investment is investing yourself through continuous self- development."

3. " If you don't sacrifice a little in the short term, you'll suffer a lot in the long term."

4. " You will never achieve what you set out to do just by yourself"

5. " You're positioned to fail because you have yourself at a point of disadvantage."

6.  "Where we spend our time and who we spend it has a significant effect on who we become."

7.  " Real financial freedom is not about the money rather the mindset that can bring in money, preserve wealth and grow it."

8. "You are stopping you. If you learn to master yourself, you can master the world."
 - My personal favorite because I can relate 100%. I've always delayed what I wanted to do just like what I did with my blog. I've wanted to started a blog 2 years ago but I didn't because I've always doubted myself and now here I am, my blog is almost in its anniversary and at about 50 + thousand views. - I couldn't be happier.

I originally wanted to add information to the eight quotes I posted but then I thought that it wouldn't do justice to Don Soriano's explanation in his book. As an avid reader, for me Break Free is a book worth your time  and money especially if you're in the time in your life wherein you're confused on what to do in your future. Also, to top it off, it's based from his experience - failures and success which he showed in the book. Moreover, his emotions on each experience were well expressed. You could feel his change throughout the book. And at the end, it makes you wonder about how you're doing in your life right now. For me, being aware of where you are right now,  or whether you are living more than you can afford and such,  can really help a long way. Really, this is a shortcut guide to success.

Friends, if you want to get a copy (and I think you should) this book is worth Php 300.00 and it can be bought at: www.facebook.com/iamdonsoriano. So far, this hasn't been published in stores yet so you can find a copy by contacting Don Soriano himself.

P.S. While you're at it, you can ask him for advice, too. ;)

Rucy's Vanity Waterproof Mascara Review

Mascaras have always been my go-to makeup. If I'm in a rush or just plain lazy, I always put on a light swipe of my favorite Mascara. There's just something about having crazy long and bold lashes that I love. In addition, I find it less hassle than putting on falsies. I'm horrible at applying falsies, the glue always messes it up! (Yes Fris blame it on the glue..)

Anyway, this is why I'm always hungry for Mascaras. (You know me, it's always going to come back with food). There are a lot of mascaras in the market. What I look for is first - it should be water proof, second - the specified category of lengthening lashes which differs in their wand. Now, Rucy's Vanity - a Korean cosmetics online brand here in the Philippines - offered to give me their product for a review. I actually have the haul here. This time, I will write a detailed review on their product - Rucy's Vanity Waterproof Mascara.

Since Rucy's Vanity is an online store, it's pretty much accessible to all internet users at http://rucysvanityph.com/. Also, a plus side is that it's really affordable with Php 180.00 pesos per piece. For a waterproof mascara, it's already a steal. The packaging, on the other hand, is a classic black which is a safe choice. I'm okay with this because it's simple and sleek. Moreover, the cap twists smoothly which makes it easy to use.

The mascara wand is very convenient with its thin bristles. This lets you apply the product smoothly without bumping to the skin around your eyes. Although, it does clump a little which can be fixed with a little bit of zigzag motion whilst applying.


As you can see, it really lengthen and made my lashes look bolder. Although, it did have clumps which I'm a little disappointed at. However, this survived my cry fest while watching Weightlifting Kim Bok Joo which proves that it really is waterproof.


This is a steal because it's made in Korea and is affordable. Most Korean cosmetics are really expensive so it's a breath of fresh air to encounter a cheaper one. The product is high quality and waterproof so thumbs up. The only problem is that it clumps a little, just apply in zigzag motion. I will buy this for sure!

Oseur Facial Cream Review - Cheapest Anti-Acne EVER?

Pimples or Acne have always been a major 'blemish' problem for most people, including me. Those red bumps are not only a distracting flaw but also a warning of how dirty your skin is. It has various causes, from bacteria to reaction from menstruation (for women), making it one of the most common blemish one can have. Most brands know this, that's why there are many anti-acne or acne prevention products in the market. However, not all of them are effective to most people and it's really hard to find a product that is suitable for your skin. It's kind of a trial and error process, really. You find the product good for you after trying out a couple but to those people who can't afford to keep on buying skin care products for acne prevention, I have a solution for you.

This post is all about Oseur Pearl Facial Cream - an affordable all around cream for the face. It has three variants, the red packaging for the oily and dry skin and the pearl packaging. In this review, I will be focusing on the red packaging for dry skin because I've seen results on this one. For the oily skin and pearl packaging, my skin didn't react well and it caused me breakouts. The dry skin variant is only Php 20- 25 for 10grams, I forgot the exact price. You can buy the Oseur facial cream in any
Mercury drug stores. This gives the buyers an assurance that its FDA approved and somewhat safe to use.

The packaging is not sturdy. It's made of plastic and the cap gets opened easily. I suggest for you to refrain on putting this on your bag because it might open easily. The product, on the other hand, appears yellow but when applied to the skin, it turns white.

In the product description, it is stated that it can be used as a makeup base. I sincerely suggest you to NOT use it during day time as a cream or a makeup base. First, it's oily as seen in the picture above. Second, it's very white and does not match any skin tone. Third, it smells unpleasantly overwhelming. For me, I just use this as a night cream and leave it overnight.

Directions (as stated in the product description given)

Wash with warm water and mild soap before each application. For best results, apply for 2-3 times a day - morning, afternoon and night. Get a small dab of cream by the fingertips and spread over the face. Rub well into the skin until it disappears. Apply extra on the blemishes you have, also can be applied to neck for women. Apply this cream as a make-up base for cosmetics. For men: this cream is an invisible medication that can be worn all day and all night to help dry up, clear pimples and make your skin smooth. 


(This article has been long overdue that's why the result is dated back in January, hihi sorry)

As seen in the picture, there is a huge difference in my face. My pimples really dried up. Although, I haven't seen any difference in my blackheads. In addition, my face did not feel smooth after application, just the same feel I had before. Nevertheless, I bought this for my acne problem and it did the job, it also whitened my face a bit that's why I stopped applying and focused on my neck instead.


This is probably the cheapest facial cream I've encountered that has positive results. Although, I must warn you that this product needs maintenance because once you stop using it, pimples will emerge. Plus, if you're going to use this, also apply on your neck so that it will both whiten not just your face. (like mine did lol)

 Review Video: