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Hello Dear Reader!

Maganda tayo is a personal blog. It's all about the things, may it be food, clothing, beauty, fashion or hobbies that help me enjoy life to the fullest. As such, it will contain my honest and unbiased reviews, tips and comments with just about anything under the sun.

With this, I hope you'll have a fun time reading my posts!

P.s. Don't forget to read the disclaimer portion below.

Let's all be beautiful together,

Mieganda x

For business inquiries and collaboration, hit me up: chuafristine@gmail.com


1. This is a personal blog. Therefore, the contents, reviews, tips and suggestions included are based on the experiences of the writer. Thus, some posts may not be applicable for others.
2. Readers are suggested to seek professional help before using, following or trying any tips and suggestions from the blog for the writer's experience may be different to another person.
3. Any content from this blog should not be shared without credit to the owner.
4. Lastly, this blog is for informational purpose only. Read at your own risk.

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