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Hi bunnies! I'm feeling energized and inspired to write these days so here is another review. It's no secret that make up has evolved. With a lot of products being produced, it can't be helped that we get to enjoy and experiment on different looks. Before, people focused on blushes to have that sweet and sunkissed look. But now we already have what we call bronzer which is supposed to be one to two shades darker than your skin tone so it can look like "tanned".

Thus, I'm reviewing Ever Bilena Advance Blush Duo which is a product that consists of both blush and bronzer. (YAY! who doesn't love two in one products?) Plus it's affordable too! It's only 220 pesos and you can find it almost anywhere.

ready for it?

dun dun dun dun..

Here are the product shots:

Ingredients: Talc, Mica, Paraffinum Liquidum, Ethylhexyl, Palmitate, Magnesium Stearate, Kaolin, Polybutene, Dimethicone, Propylparababen, Methylparaben, Tocopheryl Acetate, May contain Titanium Oxide (Cl 77891), Red Iron Oxide (Cl 77491), Yellow Iron Oxide (Cl 77492), Black Iron Oxide (Cl 77499), D&C Red 6 (Cl 15850), FD & C Yellow 6 (Cl 15985), D & C red 7 (Cl 15850)  Okay I honestly don't know a lot about the ingredients so if you guys saw anything harmful, comment below :)

Moving on, Eb Advance Blush Duo has four variants: Baked Fig, Golden Godess, Rosy Chic and Summer Fling. When I bought this product, I was choosing between baked fig and rosy chic simply because I don't prefer blushes that are too bright or lean towards the orangey/red color. In the end, sweet sweet pink won and I purchased rosy chic.

So the product has a free low quality brush which I don't use because it does not work well with all the hairs falling off. Moreover, it's really rough on the skin which makes it uncomfortable to use. BUT it's a good freebie if your maximizing your money's worth.

Beauty tip # 1: Buy a set of good quality make-up brushes so you can blend well. If you don't have the budget, you can always buy a beauty blender which works wonders on liquid products to lessen the brushes that you will need.

And I almost forgot to talk about the mirror! I mean it's B I G in a portable make up making it easy to apply on the road whenever your late (so me hahaha)

Okayy focusing on the product once more...

What I noticed with this blush duo is it gets messy and powdery whenever I swipe my brush. Thus, I always blow the top off so it won't blur the mirror.

Beauty tip # 2: Always clean your make-up even if it's only a little spill on the side. B E L I E V E me it's disturbing and distracting to see your make up so dirty. I learned that after my first liquid foundation ended up looking like trash. 

This is what Rosy Chic looks like on my skin tone after 2-3 swipes. Guys, this make up is pigmented when you put it on your face. So be careful when applying because you might over apply and it wouldn't look good.

DON'T STOP READING YOU GUYS we don't know if this product lasts yet, so without further ado...



I applied this at around 10:00 am and pictured it with two lighting: office and natural. To be honest it was hard blending the bronzer but it turned out great I think. With the blush I just patted it in my cheeks so it wouldn't look too harsh and will remain fresh.

Beauty Tip #3: Pat your blush in your cheeks to make it look natural for everyday make-up.



This picture was taken after 4 hours at 2:00 pm without any retouch. I used oil blotting papers though to remove the oil in my face. As you can see, the blush and bronzer are still there only fading a little. The blush looked a bit more natural because it blended with the natural redness of my face. (okay I don't know why my face looks so red maybe because it was so hot)

Beauty Tip #4: To avoid cakey face, use oil-blotting sheets instead of make up retouch.



eek my face looks so haggard already.......

6 hours after applying EB Advance Blush Duo. It is now 4 in the afternoon and the make up is still hanging there even though my oily face is already trying to destroy my look.


I love it. It really is worth every penny because it's pigmented. My only problem with this is it's a little hard to blend. However, you can just be patient in blending and it will work out fine.


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