Clean & Clear Foaming Face Wash Review

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Hey guys! I want to share my newly discovered facial wash which is the Clean & Clear Foaming Face Wash. First, I'll just tell you how I came about this product. So I have been searching for an alternative make-up remover other than baby oil because I find most make-up removers expensive. In addition, I prefer washing my face with soap to remove make up residues. However, I couldn't find anything that can clean my face of make-up completely. (especially waterproof ones) Anyway, I saw my sister buying tons of this product so I asked her what she liked about it. She told me that it's an effective pimple eraser. She also said that she searched reviews on this and most of them stated that it can be a make-up remover. Moreover, I observed (haha) the results in her face after she used this in a week and it was satisfying. So why not try it, right?

What I know about this product is that Clean & Clear offers three sizes: 20ml, 50ml and 100ml. Okay I first posted that the smallest size is pretty rare but I stand corrected. Apparently, this is available almost anywhere. You can find it at mercury stores and supermarkets. Anyway, if you compute the cheapest out of all the sizes, it would be the smallest one. Although, this product is very affordable. It's weird by the way because skin care products mostly put discount prices on bigger sizes.

20ml - Php 20.00
50ml - Php 89.00
100ml - Php 147.00

Below are the product shots of the 20ml bottle:

It looks like a sachet at first sight. However, it contains a pretty cute bottle inside which I love. The bottle is absolutely handy and practical. It actually reminds me of the freebies we receive at hotels. You can bring it anywhere when you travel. My tip to you guys is recycle the bottle when you've consumed the soap.

Product Description:

Oil- free - won't clog pores
Helps prevent oily shine & pimples
Gentle enough to use every day for clean and clear skin that glows. Specially designed to clean skin thoroughly to help prevent common skin problems. Its rich foam thoroughly cleanses to remove excess oil and dirt without over drying while special ingredients help prevent pimples. Leaves your skin feeling clean and beautifully clear.

I don't actually use anti-pimple cleansers since it's a breakout trigger for me. Moreover, I already have a anti-pimple routine so this part is not applicable to me. However, I saw how effective the anti-pimple aspect of this product is to my sister. Her pimples lessened after weeks of day and night continued use. 

So here I am testing out the product:

The first thing I noticed is that it is really FOAMING. You just need to get a small amount to your palm and thoroughly massage it to your face. I swear it cleanses like crazy. As you can see, it did brighten my face a little. Moreover it removed excess oils in my face. However, I noticed that it really is drying to the face so you need to use a moisturizer if you're going to use this daily. 

Let's try it as a make-up remover:

Ta da! It really works. It completely removed my make-up. PLUS! it dried up my oily face. 


I am totally in love with this product. The results prove the product's claims and I can testify to it. (Except for the anti-pimple part) However, I'm not sure if this will work for everyone because we all have different skin types. But for only 20 pesos, why not try it out?


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  1. Isabella EloriagaJune 30, 2016 at 7:19 AM

    Love your reviews, girl!! keep 'em up!! <3 super helpful!


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