Nichido Eyebrow Pencils Review + Three Steps Tutorial

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Heyuuuh! I'm on fire this week. (HA HA) Three posts in a row. I just feel like my blog is lacking content, that's why I'm going to keep posting stuffs. I actually have a line up already, from make up to food and more. If you guys have suggestions on how I can improve my blog, I'm open to it just comment down below.  xoxo

So I was looking at all my make-up and found my Nichido brow pencils. I just thought that maybe it will be a good idea to write a review about it and at the same time post my eyebrow routine. As we all know, EYEBROWS ON F L E E K is a very popular trend right now. One of which I don't follow. I don't have anything against it. I actually find it very gorg, it's just that it's time consuming for me. Thus, what I do is just clean up the stray hairs on my brows and fill it up.

I have two favorite Nichido brow pencils. I actually think they're similar. It's just the packaging is different. Here it is!

I bought the small one a long time ago that's why the writing on the package faded already. What I like about the small one is you don't have to sharpen it anymore. You can just twist it. However, I prefer the other one simply because if you twist it a little more than what is shown in the picture, it'll break. I swear it is so fragile to the point that it became very annoying. I lost like a quarter of it already. The other one looks like a pencil but it's plastic. It's so smooth when you sharpen it unlike the actual pencil ones. Moreover, I feel like it has more content than the other one because it's longer and bigger. Moving on, they're actually only 60.00 pesos each and comes with only two colors (I think) black and brown. 

(Remember: when choosing the color of your brow pencil, make sure that it's one to two shades lighter than your actual hair) I tried using black brow pencil and believe me I looked horrible. 

They have the same color and texture. The texture of both pencils is the same. They're like cream/ gel type brow pencils. I like how they're soft. The only thing I worry about this is it smudges a lot so you have to clean up whenever you're done with your eyebrow routine. 


I love them both. They both have their pros and cons. I would prefer the pencil type in everyday use. However, I'll also buy the other one for when I'm traveling so I wouldn't sharpen anymore. Plus, it's smaller and can fit on my mini make up bag. Besides, these pencils are very affordable for just 60 pesos. 


So my routine is not really to make an eyebrow on fleek style. I just fill it in so it can look bolder. This will be really easy . You'll just need your eyebrow pencil with brush and you're good to go. Let's start! (Reminder: Make sure you shave/ thread/ pluck any stray hairs around your brows)

UGH my oh so haggard face (HA HA) Here is my face without any make up except for foundation. 

Step #1: 

Outline the bottom and upper corner of your brow. (It really depends on you if you want darker brows then outline everything, but I think this'll be sufficient)

Step #2:

Brush in an upward and inner motion to fill in the brow until you can't see the line anymore. 

Step #3

Clean any smudges outside your brow. 

And VOILA! it's done!

Now do the other one and it'll look like this: (YAY for filled in brows)

Sooo, what do you guys think?


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