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Pretty Secret Honey Black Detox Mask Review

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Before I start my review, I want to ask all of you to take a moment and pray for all the victims of gun violence this week. :( It is really devastating to think that humans are capable of such horrendous acts. 

On a positive note, I tried this Pretty Secret Honey Black Detox mask yesterday. It was my first time actually. I never really buy masks because I find them expensive. My friend asked me to write a review about this before she gave it to me. So here it is. 

I find the package interesting mainly because it's black. It actually reminds me of charcoal-themed beauty products. Moreover, whenever I browse beauty products at dept. stores / Watsons, I usually see masks with clean/ white packaging. There is also a rip guide (don't know what it's called haha) at the top so it'll be easy for you to open. 

The product includes only a wet black mask. So I suggest for you guys to wash your hands first before opening the product. Moving on, the texture of the mask is thick. It's a soft cloth so it's really relaxing on your face.

Tip #1: Wash the mask and re-use it using your own natural ingredients. (E.g. honey) (I'll try this too) 

Anyway, it claims to brighten dull skin while moisturizing and soothing it. 
Because I'm a mask newbie, I read the instructions first:

1. Wash face with clean water and pat dry.
2. Apply the mask on your face and leave it for 15-20 minutes then remove mask. 
3. Gently massage the remaining essence until thoroughly absorbed. (No cleansing required)

Warning: scary picture ahead.

Yes that's me using the product...I look like a ghost...lol. Anyway, the mask itself was pretty big on my face but it's not a problem because it sticks really well. I just included a portion of my chin in the mask. It smells okay I guess. I only have one problem though. The liquid is honey so it's really sticky. I felt really uncomfortable because of this. Nevertheless, it was a good experience whenever you have the time to pamper yourself. 

Tip #2: try adding cucumber to have a salon worthy experience. 

#3 of the directions included in the package states that it's okay for you not to wash your face afterwards. I tried it but my face got itchy so I had to wash it after an hour or so. 

My result picture is the day after I used the product so we can see if it really worked. 

Ta daa. That's my face without make-up and filter. You can see my blemishes.  my face appear dewy instead of its natural super oily look. It did brighten my skin a little and it feels soft. 

If I have extra cash and feel I need a pamper moment, I'll buy again. However, I'd rather invest my money with a cream type moisturizer because you can use it for a long time compared to masks. Btw, my friend told me that she bought this for 50 plus pesos. 


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