Realistic Dress - Up Game: Covet Fashion Review

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Hiii! As I said from my last post, I'll write about Covet Fashion since I've been addicted to this app the moment I downloaded it. One thing about me is that I love dress up games. It's just that all the games that I played were temporary in a way that they offer limited clothes. So what I suggest to you guys is if you want dress- up games that are fun for only one day go search at But I guarantee you that Covet Fashion is hands-down the best dress up game I've ever played. Thus, I'm going to give you guys an overview of the app so you'll be able to know what you're up to before downloading it.

Basic things you need to know before downloading the app:

 - It is available in both Appstore and Google Play. 
 - App size is 58mb ( constantly updating)
 - You can shop REAL clothes here
 - You need internet to play this game

The first thing you do when you download the app is create a profile. You can either play as a guest or link your Facebook. I suggest you use your Facebook account because you'll need your friends which I'll explain later.

The three most important things in this game are dollars, diamonds and tickets. 

- Dollars -      You can earn dollars whenever you join limited time challenges.
- Diamonds - You can get diamonds by joining jet set events. The app also gives you 100 if you play                         daily.
- Tickets - You need this if you're going to enter challenges cause they require 15-25 tickets. You can                   get tickets by voting on the looks of others. (This is also how you achieve style ratings)

This is what your profile will look like. All looks you've styled will be featured in this page. 

Breakdown of your profile page:

 - Closet Value - Total amount of all the clothes you've bought/ won (This will also determine your                                 level, the higher it is the higher your level will be and the more make up and hair                                 looks will be unlocked.)
 - Travel Score - the total style ratings of all the JET SET events you've entered. (your score will                                    unlock the next event in jet set so you need to aim for a high rating score)
 - Friends - your facebook friends who play the game (you'll need them so you can borrow clothes if                      you ran out of money)
 - Style Score - your average limited time and jet set events rating.
 - Likes - total likes to your looks

- Inbox - This is where you'll receive your style ratings, updates and more. 
- Home - Top ranks in the game
- Style Challenges - Limited time and Jet Set
- Vote on Looks - Earn tickets by voting the better look between the choices given to you
- Shop - Purchase real clothing
- Fashion Feed - top looks
- Fashion House - Interact and share your looks with other players


1. Limited time

All limited time challenges (except daily events) require certain products to be bought in order for you to be able to join. Dollars are earned after you join. In addition, you can get prizes if you achieved 4 and up style rating.

The most important style challenge is the daily limited time event because you will not be required to buy. Plus you'll earn 500 dollars too!

2. Jet Set 

You can enter jet set challenges repeatedly until your satisfied in your style rating. Your goal is to unlock other stages by achieving the required total style rating (which is a very HARD thing to do) and earn 500 diamonds. 


You can choose your make-up and hair style. However, you need to level up so you can unlock more looks.

Finding specific type of clothing is easy since you can filter choices. 


1. Money is very important in this game so you need to buy only what is necessary. 
2. Scroll DOWN when you're searching for clothes so you can find a unique/cheaper item.
3. A friend in the game can really help you tons because you can borrow clothes when you're already out of money.
4. Never give up on jet set challenges. TRY AGAIN. 500 diamonds is not easy to earn.
5. Sacrifice daily challenges when you're really out of money so you can earn 500 dollars. 
6. Buy neutral colors so you can use it in other challenges.
7. Read the description before styling looks to know the mood.

Soo that's it! If you still have questions, don't be shy to comment them below!


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