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500 Pesos Divisoria Haul + Tips

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Hi guys! So I decided to make vlogs! Here is my first post. It's a video about my Divisoria haul and my tips for you guys.

We all know divisoria right? It's a place where we can buy things like clothes, accessories and many more for a cheap price. In this video, I will be sharing what I bought for 500 pesos:

Summary of what I bought:

698 Mall:
Located at the back of Lucky China Mall and 168 Mall, beside Dunkin Donuts. This place is a little hard to notice since it's hidden.

Taiwan Falsies - 45 Pesos
LED light - 85 Pesos
Pearl earrings - 15 Pesos
Eiffel tower earrings - 45 Pesos
Kinoki Kiyomi Detox Patch - 25 Pesos
USB fan - 45 Pesos
OMG Nail Polish - 14 x 2 - 28 Pesos

999 Mall:
The large building beside 168 mall.

Heart Necklace - 90 Pesos
Choker - 30 Pesos

168 Mall:
The most popular mall in Divisoria. Located at the back of Lucky China Town mall.

Phone Tripod - 100 Pesos

Total of : 508 pesos (I miscalculated in the video, sorry :D )


1. Go to 698 mall first before going to other malls since it's much cheaper there.
Before going to other malls, make sure to check out 698 mall first because in my experience it has tons of products which are usually priced cheaper than other malls.

2. Take care of your personal belongings.
If you've been to Divisoria, you'll know that there are a lot of people who shop there. So the tendency is you'll get cramped up which is easier for robbers to get valuable things from you.

3. Canvas for prices first before buying because there are shops who sell the same product for a cheaper price.
Normally, the products that are sold in Divisoria are almost all the same. The only thing that usually vary are the prices and stocks. So check a couple of shops before buying the product you want.

4. Bring a big bag to put all your shopping items for your convenience.
Since the products sold in Divisoria are really cheap, the tendency of buyers to impulsively buy things is high. For comfortability, bring a large bag to put what you bought there. PLUS, this makes it easier to navigate the place.

5. Wear simple and comfortable clothes.
In order to have a nice experience, you should wear what you're comfortable with. So you won't be distracted while shopping.


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  1. pano po pumunta ng 698 mall? galing po akong recto at baba ko po ay 999, help :(

    1. From 999 mall, tanong mo yung guard kung pano pumuntang 168 mall pero magkatabi nalang yun. Tas from 168, meron sa labasan niya makikita mo yung likod ng Lucky Chinatown mall (yung may mga food) tas katapat lang ng labasan nung 168 na yun yung 698 mall. Katabi siya ng Dunkin Donuts. Sta. Elena street siya. :) Hope this helps! Pero if nalilito ka parin, check mo here sa maps: https://tl-ph.facebook.com/pages/698-Mall/1499610476960873

  2. San ka pong store nakabili ng omg nail polish? 14 each po talaga?

    1. Sa 698 mall :) tapat ng 168 katabi ng dunkin donuts. Yes! :)


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