How I Make My Worklife Easier

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Hello Hello! I'm sure that everyone of us have encountered a moment/s where in our workload seems so high that you sometimes compare it to Mount Everest. (HAHA, just kidding) I hope you guys know what I mean.


all of us can relate! From students to workers, we know what it feels to skip meals and fun just to finish our work before THE deadline. This sounds like an inevitable hardship we face once in a while. HOWEVER, I will share my tips on how to lessen the BIG BIG burden of this situation which I learned through experience as a student and an intern.

Here we go!

Tip #1


If you don't know or haven't heard of Fern-C, let me just introduce it to you. So basically, it is (and I quote from their website which you can visit here) "the first non-acidic vitamin c in the Philippines and the only quali-c vitamin c from Europe". So what does it do? It acts as a shield against infections that you may encounter everyday. Like the pollution we, commuters, face everytime we ride the jeep or wait for buses that will take us to where we are going. That's the main reason why I take this every morning. BUT, I recently saw in their website that they do so much more than that. According to their website, and I quote, Fern-C not only hastens wound healing but also encourages healthy gums, teeth and bones. After all, Fern-C ay "Subok Na"!

COOL, right?

Again, let me just note how important this is in your everyday lives. When it rains, I usually catch colds since I think I have a weak immunity whenever it's cold. This, in turn, lessens my energy by a large percentage, which causes my work etiquette to suffer. Moreover, this is even a must for me whenever I have that seemingly unbearable workload to finish. Because in times like this, I usually skip sleeping early and drinking lots of coffee to remain awake. This destroys my health which also lessens my energy.

Thus, for 110% energy everyday, you need to be secured against obstacles which can hinder your success. 

This shows that "Worklife Ay Easy With Fern-C".

 Tip #2


 I saw this quote some time ago at www.scrapbook.com and it goes like this

"Smile, because every 60 seconds is a minute of happiness that you'll never get back."

This actually doesn't make sense at first glance BUT I encourage you to keep up with me because this really helps. For me, a smile is a big step towards happiness. And this happiness will eventually encourage you to give everything you have with what you're doing. Which in turn, makes you produce GREAT works! Just think about it, if you're lonely or sad, the burden of your workload will demoralize you bit by bit. SO TAKE MY ADVICE AND START SMILING! You'll also be spreading the love with others too!

Tip #3


OOTD is only great if you are comfortable and appropriately dressed. 

I've seen a couple of people who are so conscious of what they wear that they can't focus on what they're doing. As such, my tip is for you guys is to wear whatever you're comfortable with. BUT, you should also follow the dress rules for your work or school. For example, high school students may not relate to dressing up every day because they have uniforms. However, this tip can also be applied to what shoes they're wearing. Are you more comfortable with 1-2 inches heels or just flats? Another example would be business attires for work. For me, I'm more comfortable wearing slacks than skirt for business attires since I commute. If they're both eligible for your work then choose the clothing that will not be a disadvantage to what you do. In this way, you are more focused on your tasks. Also, things like clothing will not be a hindrance to the success of your work.

Tip #4


The power of music amazes me every single time. It actually relates and guides you in everything you do. 

Whether we're in the gym or just chilling out, music makes us feel focused in whatever we're doing. Thus, this is my tip #3! Whenever you're doing your work, make sure to listen to songs that make you concentrate in what you're doing. This will help you to finish you're work quicker than normal. Because usually we get distracted easily which in turn makes us cram our works just a minute before the deadline. Thus, making it HARDER. For me, I listen to a Spotify playlist which is "Your Favorite Coffeehouse". It has mellow songs which aren't too slow that it makes you want to snooze. It has that kind of theme were in it plays songs that makes you focus on your work. However, the songs you play really depends on what genre will help you concentrate on what you're doing  and stop you from being distracted to the current events on your social media apps. ( HA HA a problem I've encountered so many times).

Tip #5


An empty stomach is a NO-NO SITUATION if you have a lot of things to do. I know there are times that you're so busy you don't even have time to drink water. This is really bad because what this do is it diminishes our energy to do what we have to do. AND successful works take up great mental prowess and effort. So! DO NOT brush off snacks because it's a MUST. What I usually do is I buy finger foods like peanuts, chips (not so healthy I know) or sandwiches so I eat while working. It actually saves a lot of time than eating rice for about 15 minutes.

AS SUCH, we should always remember that we can spare five minutes to avoid jeopardizing a future amazing work!

Tip #6


The last and final tip that I'm going to give you guys is in relation with the last tip in terms of taking a time off from work.

I encourage you to take a break once in a while to breathe out from information overload to gather your thoughts. 

What I mean about a break is not sleeping or logging in to your social networks because these will just make you lazy to return back to your work. What I suggest, however, is walk for 2-3 minutes every one hour. This is to gather your thoughts to line up every single data that you are going to add to your work. This is a plus for me because I get to think without the glare of the computer screen or book.

THAT'S IT! I hope my tips help you guys as much as it helped me throughout the years. Don't be shy to comment your thoughts about my post below!

BEFORE YOU GO, I ENCOURAGE YOU TO CHECK OUT FERN-C. You guys can visit their sites here:

FERN-C Website: http://fern-c.com/
FERN-C Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fernconline/
FERN-C Twitter: https://twitter.com/FERNCOnline
FERN-C Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ferncofficial/


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