MeNow 15 Color Contour Cream Series Review

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Hey loves! I waited to post my review on this one after I'm done with editing and finalizing my color correcting and contouring tutorial on Youtube.

Before I put the link in this post, I'll start with the product review first. So I bought this product mainly because it's very C H E A P. It only costs a whopping 150 pesos about $3.20. At first glance, I thought that maybe the reason why this is so cheap is because it's fake. There are a lot of sg cosmetics sold nowadays so I asked the seller if this is authentic before buying it. She told me that it was indeed authentic but I'm not sure about it because some sellers lie about the authenticity of the product. I bought it anyways because I saw that it was a China brand and noticed that all of the sellers who have products from MeNow brand offer cheap prices. I took a shot and I'm glad I did because it performed well beyond my expectations.

So I'll just copy my brand background from my MeNow TrueLips Lip Liner review.
A brief background of what I know about the MeNow brand is it's made in China. They're known for their amazing kissproof lipsticks and it's very affordable. I read that it follows US regulations in cosmetics in one description at shopee. (For more information check their site: http://www.iou-mn.com/about.html) However, if you guys have sensitive skin and are scared to try this then don't. I don't know if this is completely safe so try this at your own risk. I'm merely reviewing my experience in this product.

The product packaging looks like a normal palette.

It has a plastic cover which is pretty durable for it's price. It's also very handy for a 15 concealer palette since it's petite. The products are placed neatly inside the palette. Inside the box, you'll see the product description an a little picture tutorial. Overall, I loved the packaging.

 I don't know if there are harmful ingredients on this product but check it out guys. In my experience, I did not have breakouts using this product but we all have different skin sensitivity so I can't say if this will be okay with all of you.


I'm amazed about the flexibility of this product because it's like an all in one palette. It can be used for color correcting and contouring. In addition, it also has an illuminator for added glow which is the white shade. So the flexibility is perfect. For the product itself, it's creamy and glides smoothly on the skin. I'm very surprised to see that it is indeed pigmented. The swatches you can see at my pictures is just one swipe. The smell, on the other hand, is unpleasant. For me, I can get over it after a while but I don't know if you guys will like it.

So this is my color correcting and contouring tutorial:

I shot the video at around 10:30 am in the morning. It's really easy to blend when you use a nice tool. I used sponges for my video that's why it took me longer to blend. I already tried blending it with a brush and it was much easier. What I noticed is that it's not that pigmented once blended because you can see traces of my dark undereye circles even if I blend it with a brush. HOWEVER, it's really great for only 150 pesos.

(I actually wiped my lip liner already in this picture because it kept on transferring to my food)
I took this picture at around 2:40 pm that's 4 hours and 10 minutes apart, my face got really oily so I blotted it first before taking a picture. As you can almost all the product is completely gone. You can really notice my under eye circles. It's also very hard to retouch because you've added so many layers on your face that you're pores start to suffocate. OH, by the way, this is not that light on the face so you can feel that you have make up on. But for me it's bearable.

In summary:
Packaging: 5/5
Smell: 2/5
Pigment: 4/5
Price: 5/5
Flexibility: 5/5
Longevity: 3/5

I will try other contouring products that are also cheap. This actually a great product for it's price but the longevity is not that great so I'm torn.

IF YOU GUYS ARE INTERESTED, I will be putting the link of the seller below. She's really great. She even gave me freebies! YAY

Link of RedShoujoDos shop:

Buy MeNow Contour Cream Palette here:

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