Shawill Thin and Perfect Cover Stick Concealer Review

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BLEMISHES are a pain in the butt. Dark under eye circles, pimples, scars are some of the things most of us try to cover or solve. Thus, the never ending search for products that can conceal or treat our imperfections effectively. I, for one, am looking for THE perfect concealer for my horrendous dark under eye circles. I search for perfect coverage, light weight and affordable concealers out there. It led me to this Shawill thin and perfect cover stick concealer. I'm hoping that this will be perfect for me since my eye bags are really dark. (like that of the panda's..HAHA SRSLY HUHU)

Anyway, I was browsing in the cosmetics section of SM department store and found this brand. All of Shawill products are VERY affordable. This stick concealer only costs like 70-80 pesos (I forgot the exact amount sorry haha)

The packaging is suprisingly nice since it's so cheap. It's very handy because it's thin and can perfectly fit inside your small make up bag. The product design is common for a stick concealer. You just twist it to reveal the product. It reminds me of a lipstick product design actually considering how small and thin it is. It's not messy at all so thumbs up for the packaging.

So the product is a little sticky. The concealer is thick and not that creamy.

Now let's try it:

This is my OH SO DARK undereye circles. I'll try to conceal this without using a color corrector, primer or foundation at the base and just apply Shawill stick concealer directly.

I just ran the concealer under my eyes and on my lid and just blend it with a brush.

And here is the result.

Now let's compare it:

- Very affordable
- Medium Cover

- It gets cakey after 3-4 hours
- It's not lightweight, you can feel it on your face
- It's oily


I love how this concealer performed a medium cover because I was not expecting it to conceal at all considering its price. However, it does not offer perfect coverage which I needed for my under eye circles. Moreover, it's not light weight probably because I applied too much since I have really dark circles. If I have a color corrector then maybe I'll buy again. BUT I think that this is great for people who are on a budget and are practicing make-up.


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  1. Aww, sayang oily siya :( This won't work for me kasi I have very oily skin. Have you tried the LA Girl Concealer? I've been using that since last year, okay siya!


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