Are you ready for a pet,

Are You Ready For A Pet?

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Don't you just love watching those cute and cuddly videos of dogs online? Well, I do. I'm an animal lover. For me, having a loyal pet is one of the happiest achievement in this world. If you guys are just like me and interested in adopting or buying a pet, then this is for you.

This post is about what I think you should ask yourself before going in for the ride. All of the questions and suggestions I will be sharing are based on my experience with the years of taking care for our family dogs.

P.S. We currently have 10 dogs, and they are oh so CUTE.


 1. Do you have money to splurge?
 This is the very important thing you should consider before even planning to have a pet. Having a pet can really be a money eater at times. You have to point out everything that should be bought: vaccines, food, vitamins, hygiene products are necessities. Moreover, there might be a time when your pet will be sick and you have to pay for hospital bills. (let's hope this won't happen, but what if?)

 2.  Are you patient?
 I included this because with my experience in taking care of dogs, I learned how to be patient. Having a pet is like having a child, you have to set discipline to avoid chaos. And the road for discipline is never easy. Videos of obedient dogs on facebook made it seem easy BUT let me tell you right now, it is not. There will be many times where you'll experience your things broken, there's poop everywhere, or a day of food wasted.

 3.  Do you have time to spare?
 Dogs or any animal you want as a pet will crave for affection. That's just what it is. If you want a loyal, loving companion, you should have the time to love them. There's no further explanation but that. Even humans feel the same.

 4. Do you have the space?
 Living with a pet is like having another house mate. They will need a place to sleep. Moreover, they will also need the space to play and do their "daily activities". But, it really depends on the size of what you want as a pet.

With all things considered, it looks like it's quite a chore. BUT, I swear it's all worth it. They're just so loyal and cute - just pure happiness really.


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