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Change The Way You See Happiness

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Say The Words, "I Am Content."

Passing by the streets in Manila, I see unprivileged individuals beg for money just to survive day by day. I feel saddened for they don't have the luxury to live life normally and comfortably like what we all deserve. Thus, from time to time, I try to help them by giving food. This experience might be common to most of us. But what really shocked me was how I saw these individuals laugh and smile in the littlest of things. It was mind boggling for an 18-year old me, how they can be happy when they have so little. And so I always wondered, and wondered.

I once lived my life always craving for what I wanted. Never stopping for a minute to think about what I needed since it was always given to me. I was happy, or at least I thought I was. Until a year ago, when we had to limit our expenses due to overbearing bills. This was the experience that paved the way for me to change my perception of what happiness truly is.

Although, this was a far cry from what other's are experiencing, it was a life changing moment for me. All my spoiled "shopping wishlists" were put to a halt. I was bummed, of course. Such a brat I was, I envied others. AND I was so wrong in so many levels. From then on, I started to live life with only having my basic needs and sometimes getting a little of what I'm craving for. As time passed by, I started to stop minding it anymore. And eventually, all my false notions of happiness faded away. I was no longer the materialistic girl.

I was a changed woman.

I now understood why I saw them smile, they were content just to survive in this world we live in. And that moment was engraved in my mind as if I framed a picture of their joy. Happiness is just a simple thing to have, yet complex at the same time. We turn it into a math problem, when really, happiness will freely flow once you attain contentment. once you accept life's simplest pleasures.

Let this be a lasting thought,

"True happiness blooms, not with gaining what you want, but by being content with what you have."

That once in a lifetime moment that was engraved in my mind changed the way I saw happiness. AND I WANT MORE. More memories of happiness through small things, just pure untainted bliss. I want these kinds of experiences to last forever -- photography. Someday I want to be able to capture the grandest and happiest joys of others like this:

(An inspiring photo of a young kid taken by my friend Bea Campomanes through her DSLR camera)

In order to take photos like this, I need to have a camera that can act as my companion - worthwhile and not overbearing. It's sad, however, how DSLR and even point-and-shoot cameras can be a major hassle to bring whenever you're out. So, I mostly prefer shooting with my mobile phone. Let's face it, the cameras of mobile phones are incomparable to the grandeur lenses of professional cameras. So you can imagine my surprise when I heard about Huawei P9. This baby has unique dual lenses, co-engineered with Leica, which snaps high-quality photos comparable to professional cameras. A proof that it has indeed changed mobile photography. This in turn, provides the model to capture magnificent and sharp images with amazing monochrome, slo-mo, colored light painting photos and many more. The feature I love the most that this phone caters to is you can adjust the aperture. It allows you to snap photos and blur backgrounds dramatically with hassle-free editing. 

With this, Huawei P9 is really a handy and spectacular camera + mobile, a game changer for mobile photography that can pave the way for us to prolong our happiest moments. 

For more information, you can visit their website:

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