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Change The Way You See Love

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L O V E. 

What a common word to say nowadays.

I've heard tons of people, even me, easily utter that term like it was something so easily achieved. And I guess in someway, it is, but it's just so confusing how vast and wide the definition of this goes. And at what point will infatuation turn into love because these two are almost twins. I can maybe talk my whole life time and still not grasp the pure bliss of what love is. And that leaves me in quandary. 

It's not a surprise that the usual focus of love is the I'm-going-to-marry-my-soulmate kind of relationship with someone. Since it's love's most universal form. I haven't experience that firecracker love with a special someone in my 20 years. A few times, I thought I did. But thinking about it now, I feel like I had said the sentence "I love you" too many times that it became somewhat of a habit. And eventually, lost its vital purpose. My confusion on what love truly is reduced the pure essence of its meaning.

This uncertainty went for a long time. I had a couple of trial and errors courtesy of my mind and heart. But through my failures, I started to differentiate love and infatuation. I encountered failed relationships with friends which seemed so great at first but became destructive at the end. You know those relationships which give you butterflies and just light your life in the beginning but then fades away after some time? Yeah, those. I also had hobbies which I seemed passionate enough to love but then became such a taxing task at the end. I can go on and on with things and people that I thought I love but I didn't, because let me tell you, I have a lot to share.

So with that said, I'm in awe to share that experience changed the way I see love. 

I have so much to be grateful for because I truly have so much to love. I love my family, because I can count on them whenever or wherever. Because no matter what, they'll be there for me. I love my newfound passion in blogging and shooting videos. It can sometimes be time consuming, but I'm happy. I love photography because it lets me capture my greatest moments so it can last longer. And with Huawei P9, my experiences can be expressed in its purest and clearest form. Bringing a magnificent change in mobile photography with its dual lenses and 12 megapixels camera, it really is a craft made for royalty. And these make me so blessed because I love so many that it lights up my world.

And thus, the alluring streak of light shines brightly in the vivid hues of the sky. I was not in a loop of quandary anymore. I've seen and experience the true aspect of what love is.

Love is as vast and wide as the sky. You can feel the love in everything and still crave for more. It is your shiniest beacon in your lightest and darkest moments. AND no matter what obstacle and hurdles life throws your way, there is no way for the bliss to be blocked completely.


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