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Head Turner: How To Be A #Selfie Expert

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HEY GUYS! I'm so excited for this post because I'm a certified selfie addict. Whenever I look decent, I often whip out my phone and snap a couple of pics. (oops) First of all, what is a selfie? It's a picture you take of yourself often with a smartphone. But, I guess you all know that. However, what I'm going to be talking about in this post are my tips and tricks on how I work my ideal selfies.

This is 

Head Turner: How To Be A #SelfieExpert

1. Set Yo Theme

I consider selfies as photographs. Thus, I take my time to produce "perfect" pictures. And just like any other artwork and project, you need to first set a theme. It's going to be the center of your selfie.

Sounds hard?

FRET NOT, it's pretty easy to pick a theme. Think of it as showing different sides of you because just snapping a picture of yourself all the time can be boring and redundant. Setting a theme adds fun to selfies. I'm going to show examples so you guys can envision it more.

A. Fierce

OOH lala! This is the I'm-starving-and-I-want-your-burger kind of look. Do you get me? HAHA This is where you focus on something (either the camera or anything you want) and pout a little. I don't smile when I want to be fierce because it defeats the purpose of the whole look. My #1 tip is: open your mouth a little and show the fronts of your teeth because it looks so much better. (btw, I saw Liza Soberano doing this technique too! I'm such a fan of hers)

B. Happy

This is the I-ate-my-super-favorite-food or My-crush-likes-me look. (Sorry for all the food references, HAHA, I'll change it up a little *wink*). In this theme, you can smile all you want. It's actually a requirement to smile in this one. JUST CHANNEL ALL YOUR POSITIVE THOUGHTS and I swear your eyes and smile will convey it for you. Tip for this look: raise your camera a little bit upwards to make your audience focus on your eyes first.

C. Swag

Okay, I don't know what I was thinking when I took this picture but it's here so let me use this as a reference for this theme. For this part, you don't need to dress like a man to achieve this. You just have to have the I'm-going-to-punch-you kind of look. My suggestion for this is for you to lower your camera a little bit and lift your chin so it looks like your looking down on the camera which adds "swagger" to the whole appeal.

D. Casual

When all else fails, do this theme. Also, if you guys are bored or just want a selfie done in a second, then this is for you. This is the I-just-want-to-take-a-picture-right-now look. And this is probably the most common out of all my selfie themes. You can do this in any occasion and place. Just whip your phone and snap a picture of you smiling.

E. Snapchat

If you don't have a Snapchat, then download one just for cute selfies. Snapchat has AWESOME filters. It has tons of pretty cute filters you can choose from and look at this dog filter, I love it!

And that's it! There are tons of selfie themes you can choose from, these are some of the basics so have fun taking selfies with these. 

2. Find Your A-Ok Spot

AHH, the famous background problem. I have tons of pictures that didn't make the cut of being posted on Instagram because of bad surroundings. I mean seriously, it is such a hassle when you have a beautiful picture but your background is not cooperating with you.

SO, my tip for you is to avoid places with too much things to focus on. Like this:

Instead, go for simple backgrounds like these: 

If you can't find backgrounds like these then make use of cloths like what I did. BUT, If you find this hassle then just go for  background that is not too distracting for the viewers. Since the focus of selfies should be you. 

3. Light Up Your Selfie

The light should be your bestfriend when you're taking a picture. So my numero uno tip is for you to never ever go against the light. You should snap a picture while facing it so you will not appear like a shadow from neverland. Another tip is you should always remember that natural light a.k.a the sun's precious beams is your best bet because it gives you a natural glow. Plus, it's easier to edit later.

See for yourself:
(I took the right picture in a dark room using a mobile light - the mini light I bought at Divisoria)

4. Werk Your Angle

Gurl! Don't be shy werkin it. Think of yourself as a competitor in America's Next Top Model and pose your heart out. The trick in finding your best angle is looking at the mirror and practicing your poses. (A little embarrassing but you'll get used to it *wink*) Eventually you'll find the angle that will make your selfies unforgettable. Like Ariana Grande, right?

5. Pose Until You Find "The One"

So this is the screenshot of my gallery. Can you guys relate? My step number 5 for being a #SelfieExpert is pose until you find the one. I realized that I'm not pretty in every picture I take. I mean sometimes I even look horrendous. Thus, what I do is I take tons of selfies then look at it afterwards. And just like a judge, I pick the nicest ones. My suggestion for you guys is don't be scared to take tons of selfies, if you don't want it clogging your gallery then just delete it.

6. Beautiful people, There's Nothing Wrong With Editing

Okay, so I have read comments of people hating on too much editing. I understand them at some point about how too much editing can destroy the essence of the picture. But who cares, right? If they don't like your picture, then they shouldn't view it. My point is, you're free to do anything you want because it's your life so don't let them say otherwise. With that note, my tip is if you feel that your selfie needs some editing, then by all means, do it. Here are some of my favorite apps to help you edit your fabulous selfies:

A. Toolwiz Photos

I find it a hassle to open my computer and go to photoshop just to edit my pictures. So I found an alternative which is Toolwiz photos. It pretty much has almost everything under the sun. It has patch, reshape, lens blur, depth of field and so much more. My only problem with this is it's a little complicated. I don't know some of the features in here but I'm willing to venture.

B. Make-up plus 

Do you have moments when you look haggard but you still want to take a selfie? Then this is for you! This is like an instant makeup app wherein you can touch up so you can be haggard free in your picture. I am totally in love with this app because it's so easy to use and it's hassle free. They also have ready to go makeup looks so you won't need to arrange your makeup one by one.

C. PicsArt

This is similar to Toolwiz. PicsArt also has a lot of features. It can also be an alternative to Photoshop. For me, I find this much easier than Toolwiz because it does not have too many choices but you can also find everything you need in here.


Lastly, the most popular filter app. I love VSCO because it has awesome filters and it's so simple and easy to use but it can make your picture look flawless.

7. Share it to the World

Last but not the least, SHARE SHARE SHARE! Don't forget to post your selfies on your social media accounts!

These are my 7 tips on how you can be a #SelfieExpert. BUT, let me add one more tip!

Find a camera that will be worth your while just like OPPOF1S, the phone made perfectly for selfie experts with its 13mp and 16mp camera. With this you'll have magnificently snapped selfies. (Plus, you might not need editing anymore *wink)

I hope this was helpful to you guys as much as it helped me throughout the years. Stay forever fabulous!

Watch this for the summary! <3

*If the video is too small for you, feel free to click this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z8LF7nmfC4Q *


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