KJM Cheek and Lip Tint Review

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Hi guys! So I'm here with another review. I recently purchased a tint from shopee since I want to know what the hype was with tints nowadays. Personally, I prefer lip balms but I want to try this since KJM has a lot of good reviews on their Instagram. KJM All - Natural Cosmetics is a brand made in the Philippines (specifically, Davao). I'm excited about this because it's locally made (YAY). As far as I know, this cheek and lip tint has 7 shades which is really good. It has flexibility since you can choose from wide range of colors.  I only bought one because I'm still going to test it. You'll never be too sure if what works for others works for you.

As such, let's start the review!

As far as I know you can buy this from shopee (I will be putting the link of the shop below) and KJM's instagram account. BUT I'm pretty sure that there are a lot of resellers because this was not too hard to find online. In addition, it also has a lot of positive reviews already. The price, on the other hand, is average and bordering on cheap. I bought this for only 120 pesos with free shipping. however, I think KJM is selling this for 100 pesos only plus shipping from Davao. For these two parts, I'm very satisfied.

This is how it looks like. It has a twist cap which is pretty neat since it prevents any spill to happen. However, I have a little problem with the rolley (if that's what it's called haha) on the tip. It also prevents spill I guess, however, it's just harder to apply using the tip. The product goes in your inner lip which is great if you want a light gradient lip kind of look. BUT it's kind of problematic once you add layers because it clumps on your inner lips like crazy which I'll show later at the pictures.

Aqua, Glycerin, May contain Red 40, Red 2 and 3, Blue 1 and 2, Citric acid, Erythrosine Red, Yellow 5 and less than 1/10 of 1% Sodium Benzoate & Potassium Sorbate, Propylene Glycol

I don't really recognize a lot of the ingredients, but if you guys can see anything harmful, don't be shy to comment.

This is the results on my lips. If you guys want to have a natural looking reddish lip then go for just two swipes. Although, I recommend for you guys to apply this using your fingers or brush to even out the clumps on your lips. ALSO, it's very important to exfoliate your lips first because this is drying to the lips or use a clear lip balm first. BTW, I bought the Bittersweet Magenta which has a reddish tone. It's also very pigmented so don't overdo it.

For the cheeks, I just swiped once and then blended it with my fingers which payed off naturally. I actually loved it as a blush since it gives you that natural looking glow. I did not get any breakouts which is really good. I actually used this on my Tipid Makeup Tutorial Youtube video. If you guys want to see how I applied it then watch the video.

In summary:
Availability: 4/5 (Just cause I haven't seen this in malls)
Price: 5/5
Packaging: 2/5
Pigment: 5/5

 I have a lot of mixed feelings with this product because the cons balances the pros. But in the end, I think that this is above average since it is pigmented and you can just use your fingers or brush to apply it in your lips. PLUS, this is affordable and natural, too.

I bought this here:

If you want to know more about the brand visit their website:


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