MeNow Kissproof Review with Swatches.

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This post is long over due since I bought these two MeNow Kissproof babies weeks ago. I've been really busy with a lot of things lately since I've started creating a Youtube channel. I swear it's fun and hassle at the same time. However, I'm really enjoying blogging and "vlogging". Anyway, This post is my first impression and review of the current budget rave which is this MeNow Kissproof. I've watched and read a lot of reviews on this product and it pretty much gathered more positive reviews than negative ones. So I bought this product in hopes of being satisfied by it. MeNow Kissproof is only 50 pesos each and I'll put the link of my seller below.

Note: I only bought two shades since I only want to try it and I don't have an unlimited amount of money to purchase all the shades.

If you haven't heard of MeNow brand yet, I think that it's under a China company. It also claims that it's products have been approved already. (For more information check their site: http://www.iou-mn.com/about.html). I'm not sure if this is safe for everyone since it's very cheap. However, If you have a very sensitive skin and is afraid of trying this out, then don't. 
Disclaimer: This review is based on my experience only and I'm not sure if this will work out the same for my readers.

So this is how it looks like:

I already threw the box away so I don't have a picture of it but let's just focus on the product packaging. Like any beauty product, it comes in a box (which I threw away, sorry). The product itself looks like a crayon and not your natural lipstick look. This type of lipstick has emerged recently and almost all beauty brands have a crayon lipstick line so this is not a surprise. However, what I was confused at first was how it's not the twist type like most brand have. Instead you need to sharpen it once you've used the tip which is a little hassle for me. Plus, it has a distinct sharpener because it's pretty large so it won't fit in the natural sharpener. This is a minus for me. I like the tip, on the other hand, because it's really tight so you won't have that my-lipstick-thrashed-my-bag feel whenever you think that the cap of your lippie opened in your bag. Overall, the packaging does not look bad. It surprisingly does not look cheap at all.

These are the swatches. I bought #6 and #9. The product has no smell whatsoever which is good because you will not get irritated by the smell. What I noticed about the product is it's highly pigmented which is a good thing considering this is so cheap. However, both products are not consistent in a way that #9 is harder to apply than #6. The color payoff of #9 does not stick to the lips after 1-2 swipes but it glided smoothly on my palm. (I don't know why). Moreover, this is drying to the lips. I'm not satisfied by it since it really clumps on your lips like crazy.

BUT, let's see if this is really kissproof: (These pictures are real, I did not cheat in any way, xoxo)

As you can see, it did not transfer at all. I drank water, ate food and even kissed my palm. This product exceeded my expectation in their kissproof claim.


I applied my kissproof at around 10 am in the morning and I did my usual routine. I ate and drink lunch and snacks. I got back after 4 hours, I took this picture at around 2 pm. As you can see some of the product is already gone. It did last average considering the price of the product. The clumps, however, started to form on my lips which is not appealing at all.

In this case, you need to fix it already. However, I have an issue with applying too much of this product since it really clumps on your lips. Moreover, it's not lightweight so you can really feel it and it's uncomfortable. Plus, it's also drying for the lips. What I suggest is remove it using a make-up wipe, baby oil or Nivea creme then apply it again. It's hassle, more so if you're outside but you get what you pay for.

Moving on, this product is not that hard to remove in my case. I just used my Clean & Clear foaming face wash and rubbed it on my lips, and it was removed completely.

In summary:
Price: 5/5
Packaging: 3/5
Pigment: 4/5
Fragrance: 5/5
Longevity: 3.5/5

If I don't have the budget to buy lippies, I can tolerate this product since it did perform well for it's price. However, I really don't like how it makes your lips look really dry even though it's not. So I guess I'll be wearing a lip balm underneath it in the future. 

If you guys are planning on buying one, visit this shop! The seller is really amazing and approachable. PLUS, they also offer free shipping. Hassle free shopping for you guys!

Link of Scarlet General Merchandise shop:

Buy MeNow Kissproof here:

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  1. Aww, sayang na hindi siya lightweight! Nabobother ako usually if mabigat yung lip product sa lips, though sobrang daming lip colors na offered yung MeNow.

    1. Yeaah ako rin eh, hindi siya lightweight tas drying pa. But kissproof siya. I think sa price niya okay lang :)


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