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If you know me, you'll know that I'm "kuripot". I don't spend a lot of money just on anything. Plus, I prefer cheaper alternatives to high end products or services. This is why I love browsing sites like Metrodeal, Shopee or Lazada. For this post, I'll feature Metrodeal since this is where I bought the Nailandia Spa package. I've read a mixture of positive and negative reviews on the services offered in Metrodeal. So far I already purchased three Metrodeal vouchers before and I had okay to great experiences. One in particular, we bought a buffet voucher (I forgot what restaurant since it was a long time ago) and I had an okay experience because the food was good but the service was horrible. I've read tons of reviews similar to my experience so I was hesitant to buy this Nailandia package at first. BUT, I read its ratings in their facebook and it has a lot of 4-5 stars so I decided to buy it.

So this is the voucher, it's still ongoing till now, I think. It offers 60-minute massage and your choice of manicure or pedicure. It says that the original price is 545 pesos and it's 65% off, so you'll be paying 199 pesos only. Not bad for a massage and manicure or pedicure. Plus, the voucher claims that Nailandia offers high quality nail polish which is good.

Before going to the venue, you need to book an appointment first. Mine went smoothly because all of the employees were really accommodating. Anyway, the Nailandia voucher I bought was located in BF Homes Paranaque but it seems that the ongoing voucher is situated in Las Pinas now. Anyway, I went to Nailandia BF, it's near Puregold Southpark and BPI. From SM BF, you just go straight and you'll see it. I forgot to take a picture of  what it looks like on the outside.

(This was taken after my massage)

When I went there, I was ushered to the massage room. By the way, they only have one bed so you really need to book an early appointment. The room was quite small, it has a bed (obviously haha) with a hole on it for your face and the lights are dim. You have to change to their shorts and take off your clothes. (It was uncomfortable for me because this was the first time I tried getting a massage) But I got used to it eventually, the massage was very relaxing except for me being ticklish and the part where it hurts when they massaged my head. But overall, the massage was good, I even dozed off a couple of times. It would be perfect if they have relaxing music inside so the costumers can relax more.

These are the colors available for Metrodeal costumers
Next up, I picked pedicure because it lasts longer for me. The cleaning did not hurt unlike some salons and the manicurist was asking from time to time if it hurts. It was a pain-free pedicure. What I was disappointed in was that they only offer limited colors for Metrodeal vouchers, it would be nice if they remove that and let the costumers choose whatever they want. But I guess because you're paying for less, they can't offer more colors. I don't know.

I love Nailandia Spa BF Homes Paranaque because the employees are very accommodating. My overall experience was great. If I have time, I would definitely go back there.

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