6 Ways To A Goodmorning!

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Hearing the sweet melody of the birds, she gracefully woke up in the beautiful morning. Seeing the sun streaks passing through the window, she smiled knowing it would be a great day ahead. 

The scenario I painted is a very common notion of a "Goodmorning". This is also a popular scene in Disney princess movies. However, it doesn't mean it really happens in real life. This is just one of those expectations versus reality kind of thing. SAD BUT TRUE. 

That doesn't mean one can't have this "goodmorning" scene in their lives. Although, no one can't really copy this point blank, unless you already have? Anyway, waking up grouchy and sleepy every morning can be tiresome. So here are my suggestions on how you can be motivated and happy to be up early every single day!

Don't Be An Owl. 
In other words, sleep early. Yes, this is a very repetitive and common advice ya-da ya-da. But you see, sleeping late and waking up early in the morning will just tire you throughout the day due to the fact that you lack sleep. Ever wondered why you get sleepy in the middle of the day, this is the reason why. Plus, if you have a wonderful dream, it can get cut in the middle which will be frustrating. Just kidding, but that happens too. 

Have That Peaceful Alarm. 
Ahh, the most irritating blunder in our wonderful wonderful sleep. Don't you just hate being woken up by a shrill noise? That ringing sound is the worst LSS ever. But, the problem is some people can't live without an alarm or they won't wake up in time. Thus, don't trash it completely. Do have an alarm that has a calm and serene sound so as you can wake up not being jolted by a ringing sound. If you have a problem with soft alarms, add a flair then set it with your favorite song. Why not sing your heart out waking up, right?

Eat Your Eggs. 
Well, not just eggs. HAHA. You can prepare any breakfast of your choice as long as it is enough to give you tons of energy. DO NOT eat a small amount of food here, it is a necessity (atleast for me) to munch a lot. Besides, you'll burn it anyway. (If you're not sedentary all day). If you're having a problem in finding what to eat, search for healthy breakfast recipes and follow those.

Wear Your Confi-Dress. 
Apologies for the bad title. lol. Be the fashion guru of your life. Wear something that you'll be comfortable and confident in. Find clothes that are appropriately you. If you're not comfortable with the trend, the don't follow it because chances are if you fit into what you don't like, it will just ruin your day. 

Say Yes To Management.
Before being bombarded with the tasks you need to do (believe me this can dampen your positive morning), jot down all of it in a paper or your phone. As such, you will not be rushed and buried in worry and deadlines. Plus, you can enjoy your morning leisurely without any concern about your time. 

Plus for Positive Thoughts. 
There are times that people focus on negativity. Thinking about doubts, worse expectations and failures are just the common lingering concerns. However, all of these are wrong. If a bad experience has already happened, do not put your attention in it. Get through by changing your future and making it a life lesson. Thus, last but not the least, it is important to spend your mornings thinking of positive thoughts. This will slay all your pessimistic views.

Treasure all these steps and I hope you all have a goodmorning! 

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