Lily Collins Inspired Make-up Tutorial,

Lily Collins Inspired Makeup Tutorial

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Hollywood has been booming with glam and fame for decades now and I'm guilty to say that I do follow certain celebrities. Slash guilty, I'm proud to say that I'm a fan of the art that all the people in Hollywood produce from their movies to music. It's also inevitable for me not to idolize some celebrities with real talents and I do watch out for them. One of the people I look up to is Lily Collins.

I was just blown away on how she acts. From Snow White to Love, Rosie, she was always in sync with the roles she portray. Plus, she's also an advocate on anti-bullying which helps victims to stand up and be confident in themselves. In terms of beauty, on the other hand, we all know that she's really pretty in a classy way. Her eyebrows are just to die for. It's perfect. So in this video, and as a beauty blogger/ youtuber, also a fan, I tried a Lily Collins Inspired Makeup Tutorial.

-- Products Used --

Myra E VitaSmooth Moisturizer

Wet N' Wild Black Eyeliner

MeNow ART Concealer in LightWheat

ELF Two-Way Cake Foundation in Beige

Careline Pimple Concealer in Soft Bisque

EB Advance Blush Duo in Rosy Chic

Unbranded Eyeshadow Palette

Ashley Shine Max Volume Mascara

Ashley Shine Black Liquid Eyeliner

MeNow Truelips Lipliner in 055

Ever Bilena Shade Lipstick in Red Vixen


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