MeNow Concealer Pen Review

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There's  something about concealers that makes me want to invest on them. From hiding blemishes to highlighting,  I just can't  get enough on how flexible and practical they are. Of course,  if you know me,  I'm super kuripot.  I don't  usually spend a lot of money on a product. Therefore,  I always search for affordable quality make up.

Thus,  when I saw MeNow releasing tons of make up products,  I got excited. Their contour palette and kissproofs are above my expectations. Not perfect but you can work with it.

I saw their MeNow Concealer Pen on Shopee and decided to test it out. It's  worth 60 pesos which is pretty cheap for a concealer.

As you can see,  it comes with a small box and inside is where the concealer is. I'm  pretty surprised on the size of the product. Since it's  small. I expected it to be larger and thicker. In my opinion, it's expensive for the size since you can buy other concealers worth 80 to 100 with more content in it. Moving on, It's plastic which is okay for me. My problem with it is it does not have a twist design, so you have to sharpen it which can sometimes be a waste of product for me.

I absolutely hate the texture because it was like a crayon. It does not glide smoothly and it was so hard to blend. I even contacted the seller if she knew that the texture was like that,  but alas she didn't  reply.  I couldn't  try it on my face because it does not transfer well. In the picture,  I tried it on my birthmark which is such a fail really. 

After I swatched it on my hand,  the first tip is already gone so I had to sharpen it.

Surprisingly,  the texture changed a little bit. It became softer but still a little hard to blend.

I will be pretty harsh on this one because it's reaaally hard to use. I will not buy this concealer again and just go for their cream concealers which is much much better than this product.


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