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Shawill Vogue Noble Lipstick Review

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Removing the cap, she slowly twist the tube and gently but swiftly swiped the product in her plump lips. And almost instantly, a vibrant color of her choice made her whole look complete.

And that's the power of lipstick.

Ahh if you've noticed, my make up obssession lately is focused on lipsticks. Ahem. Affordable lipsticks. I've been searching in malls for fab and worth it products that I can wear to accentuate my outfit. As they all say, a woman's best feature is her smile...pair it up with a fantabulous lipstick. Simple and nice trick if you don't have the money to buy extravagant jewelries. 

In this review I will be featuring the Shawill Noble Vogue, a non-matte affordable lipstick worth 128 pesos only. It has Vitamin E for moisturizing, water microspheres and steady color according to the packaging.

The packaging is simple, nothing too fancy. It has the common twist and cap design with the brand printed at the top. It twists smoothly, not like some affordable lippies that sometimes get stuck. The color variety they offer, on the other hand, is somewhat lacking. I've only seen 4-5 colors for this line in SM megamall and it ranges from different shades of pink to red. But I've seen their ig, this line actually has 9 colors with brown shades included. Plus, the colors are by numbers. Mine is 04 which is an orange-y red color. For the availability, you can check SM and Watsons for Shawill products. I bought this at SM Megamall.

My application went smoothly. I had no problems with it. It's very pigmented. Moreover, it does not have an overwhelming smell, rather kind of like sweet scented perfume which I'm in awe with. The lipstick do transfer so unfortunately it does not last that long. In my experience, it only lasted for two hours because I ate oily dishes and it wiped the product off. Also, it's not that light weight on the lips. But the good thing about this is it moisturizes your lips well, thus, you can just reapply all you want and it won't be drying to your lips.

Price: 5/5
Packaging: 3/5
Availability: 5/5
Product: 4/5
Longevity: 2/5

I'm loving this product because of how affordable and pigmented it is. Although there is a problem with its longevity, I will still buy again. There's no problem in re applying due to the fact that it doesn't make your lips dry.


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