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It's no secret that I prefer cheap alternatives or dupes to high-end make-up products; As long as it's safe, authentic and high-quality, I'm go for it. Doesn't everybody? Unless you have unlimited cash to spare, I guess. Thus, I am proud to say that there are tons of affordable high quality products found here in the Philippines. Most of the products are available at drugstores.

It's very satisfying to find great make-up products that aren't too costly because cash don't just appear magically, we earn it and it's important, atleast for me, to purchase something that will be worth all the hardwork. So, if you're interested on my top affordable lippies thus far that is found here in the Philippines then watch this:

Featured products:

I have a full detailed review on some of the products:

1. Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm in Berry Crush, Cherry Kiss and Plain - 89 Pesos

2. Ashley Aloe Vera Lipstick - 11 Pesos

3. Shawill Steady Color - Vogue Noble Lipstick in 04 - 128 Pesos

4.  KJM Cheek and Lip Tint in Bittersweet Magenta - 120 Pesos

5. Ever Bilena Shade Lipstick in Red Vixen and Rosy Mirage - 95 Pesos

6. Ever Bilena Extreme Lipstick - 165 Pesos


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