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Daiso Blush Review: Ellefar Princess Duo Color Cheek

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Daiso has always been a safe haven for people who seek cheap thrills. Imagine most of the things you can see from small department stores priced at 88 to 188 pesos only. Thus, it's no surprise that a makeup junkie like me will be over the moon to check out all the cosmetics they offer.

There are a lot of products there; you can choose from foundation to falsies. I must say though, their makeup products have cute packaging and I love it. This time, I chose to buy the Ellefar Princess Duo Color Cheek because I felt like I needed more blushes to add in my makeup collection.

This is how it looks like:

One negative thing about shopping cosmetics in Daiso is they don't have testers. Thus, you can't see how pigmented their makeup are. You just have to take a risk and try it out for yourselves. Plus, the packaging is in Japanese except for the ingredients so it's really hard to understand what it says (unless you know the language).

The packaging is just normal, nothing out of the ordinary. It has a mini mirror which is really not that helpful if you're applying a blush. BUT, I would say that this is great for traveling because it's portable. It's smaller than most blush duos.

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The product itself is beyond my expectations simply because it's pigmented. I'm surprised and happy to have found a cheap quality product. It glides smoothly and is easy to blend. However, I'm not much into shimmer blushes, I prefer matte. With that aside, this is really a great blush. In addition, I also like the fact that it's a blush duo. You can choose from light to dark depending on your mood.

I may buy again because of how affordable and pigmented it is. Although, I really am not a fan of shimmer blushes. I will recommend this to people who are looking for budget babies in cosmetics.


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