Power Of Natural Beauty

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Last weekend, I was one of the lucky Youtubers who was invited in the Smart Launchpad workshop in FPLA. The event was very successful in my opinion with a few flaws of course. However, this post is not about Smart Launchpad, but this will focus on my final entry.

There were 100 entries, 6 were chosen as winners and all were very talented. Mine was different than most. It may be the shortest, may be the worst, but I wanted to tackle a very important issue in the beauty community. The beauty definition nowadays, is based on the latest trends. From eyebrows on fleek to Kylie Jenner lips, some people try to be someone they're not and they think it's beautiful. I'm not against that, however, sometimes it ventures away from the appreciation of an individual's natural beauty.


The main point of this short video was to inspire teens, women, men or just people in general that beauty is first and foremost found in you and not with what you wear or put on your face.

Instead of the title "Power of Makeup", I used "Power of Natural Beauty" instead, to remind you, that you're beautiful with or without makeup.

Thank you for watching!

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