The Art of Waiting

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The Art of Waiting

"Chase your dreams,

And chase it fast."

We live in a fast-paced environment where everything changes in a blink of an eye. This, in turn, force the living to cope and adapt with the ever-changing world. This is just a fact. In addition, it seems that some people use this as a way to live life too.

"We need to get our applications fast"

"Ugh okay I'm not promoted after 3 months of working real hard, I'll leave this job to go look for a higher position in a different company."

"He should like me back once I messaged him"

"Lose weight in a day"

"I need to finish this drama in a day"

"If I study for five minutes, I hope I'll pass"

These are just some examples of day to day sentences that, admit it, some people utter. Because of the way time flies so fast, people sometimes forget how to relax, take their time and wait for the fruits of their hardwork to grow.

We forget to savor the moments we cherish because we have gotten used to rushing things that it already became a habit.

Some things in life isn't supposed to be immediate. There are instances that requires long term hardwork and determination. Just like studying and going through stages of education before braving to face the world. Or getting to know the right girl or guy to spend the rest of your life with. These are some of the things that many people encounter in their lives.

So my dear readers, here's my advice to those of you that are always in a hurry, stop whatever your  doing and breathe. Take notice of the world around you, despite of all the horrors its been through, it's beautiful, no? Now, take time to internalize the things you need to stop living fast track.

Let me help you a little,

Stop chasing love, it'll come eventually.

you'll grasp your sweet graduation soon just focus on your lessons.

There are no shortcuts in losing weight, (unless you have the money to see a doctor) just pure hardwork and discipline will get you there.

And many more.

Balance is the key in life.

Stop living your life in shortcuts. 

Some things are meant to be endured and savored longterm, and the fruits will be so much sweeter.

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