Bite Your Way To France With Boulangerie22

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Christmas season is just around the corner. People prepare their houses - gracing it with bright lights, hanging big green and red socks, organizing their fantabulous Christmas trees and so much more. This is the time where winter (or cold weather here in the Philippines) and shining lights bring joys to the family. Moreover, it's the season of giving and Noche Buena. So, what's better than having bread and pastries to serve for your get together with your loved ones?

Boulangerie22 is a french inspired pastries and dessert shop. They offer tons of varieties from sausage breads, Chicken floss, to cakes and coffee.

A plus side with Boulangerie22 is it's opening tons of branches so it's not hard to find one at all. You'll find their list of branches at their site  . So far, I've been to Madison Galeries and Lucky China Town branches and they both have great selections there.

(Pictures are from Boulangerie22, Madison Galeries Branch)

The ambiance of the shop is really peaceful. It also has a french vibe with it's designs. Customers can choose to dine-in and relax while savoring their food. In addition, they can also choose to buy packed pastries or cake to take home.

(Just a suggestion: This can be the place for working or studying)

Here are some food choices you can bite into:

Classic Loaf Bread - Php 79.00

Double Chocolate Cookie - Php 59.00

Chocolate Cinnamon Baked Donut - Php 29.00

Chicken Floss - Php 59.00
This is their Chicken Floss - one of the best sellers and my personal favorite! 

Hungarian Sausage Mozarella Bread - Php 59.00

Dark Chocolate Chip Muffin - Php 69.00
Blueberry Cream Cheese Bread - Php 59.00
If you're not a sweet tooth then steer clear of their desserts, muffins and cookies because they're really sweet. However, the good thing about Boulangerie22 is that it has tons of products offered so you can really choose on what you prefer.

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