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Carmex Cult-Fave Original Jar Lip Balm Review

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Moisturizers have been one of the go-to products of beauty addicts. Not only can it soften your skin, but it can also be the solution for your long-term dry skin problems. I used to have dry, chapped lips all the time. Especially in instances when I'm always on the go which makes me drink less water than I usually do. When I have this problem, I usually exfoliate my lips and put on a lip balm. So far, I only have one favorite lip balm so I'm open on trying out products to have more choices.

This is why I was attracted to the Carmex moisturizing lip balm line. Initially, I wanted to buy the tube type packaging, however, it was out of stock back then. Thus, I just opted to purchase this Cult-Fave original jar for 139 pesos at Beauty MNL ph.

At first glance, it really looks classic. It has that oldie kind of packaging. Surprisingly, I love how it's designed. It makes you want to trust the brand because it gives off the feeling that they've been manufacturing for a long time. (Which they are -- Since 1937) This makes the product reliability high. If I was given a choice, I would have bought the other packaging because jars are really hard to handle. You have to either use cotton buds or clean finger when applying it to avoid any infection. However, what I love about this packaging is it's really sturdy and small. It's easier to carry on - the - go.

Although the product appears to be yellow, it comes off as colorless when you apply it on your lips. It's very smooth and it glides well on your lips. It does have a tingly mint feeling once applied but it's okay. I have a little problem with the smell though, It has that unexplainable fragrance, like mint and butter combined. If it makes it better, you get used to it after a while. For the product effectivity, it does relieve chapped lips. However, in my experience, you have to continuously use it in order for it to work. For the week that I've been using it, my chapped lips healed. But after I stopped, my lips became dry again. You can't really expect too much if you use any product scarcely. You have to maintain a beauty regimen for it to work long term. 

I love this lip balm. It does the job well. However, it's a bit pricey for 139 pesos. I'm comparing the price to my go-to favorite lip balm. If I find a shop that sell much cheaper than 139 pesos, I will definitely buy this again.

Price: 3/5
Packaging: 4/5 (Simply because I prefer tube ones but this packaging is really sturdy)
Product: 4/5

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