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La Dolce Vita With New Swiss Miss Chocolate Hazelnut

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Calling out all Chocolate lovers, you'll definitely love this post.

Take a moment to imagine this.

The sun streaks break through the window aligning your bed suggesting that it's morning already. You hear a "Creeeak" as you move to change your position hoping to extend your sleep. A blaring "TUUT TUUT TUUT" jolted you from your sleep as your phone starts its alarm. Grunting slightly, you get up to start your day. As you make your way to your kitchen, you smell the aroma of roasted, buttery hazlenut and creamy chocolate. Alas, you see a freshly hot Swiss Miss chocolate cup waiting for you. Ahh, a great start for a great day.

Last November 25, 2016, Friday, Swiss Miss released its latest flavor - Chocolate Hazelnut. A mix of hazlenut and chocolate which creates a drool-worthy hot chocolate. 

This flavor - Swiss Miss Chocolate Hazelnut - is symbolized by "La Dolce Vita" which is an Italian phrase for "the sweet life". It's also known as the Italian's celebration for their passion, romance and life's luxuries which embodies this new flavor.

And with "La Dolce Vita", Swiss Miss - the world-famous chocolate powder drink, introduces its newest flavor - Swiss Miss Chocolate Hazelnut -  which represents the romance and passion of Italy.
This affordable treat for chocolate lovers can be experienced in every way you can imagine - from hot and cold to adding it in your dessert to on-the-go beverage.

Cathy Castro, the Swiss Miss Asia marketing manager, states that "We are proud that the Philippines is the first ever country in the world to try this new flavor. The new Swiss Miss Chocolate Hazelnut flavor is truly a very exciting flavor because of hazelnut's unique taste and aroma."

The first ever global Swiss Miss ambassador who lives "La Dolce Vita" is none other than Anne Curtis, the princess of all media - an actress, host, and award-winning endorser.

"Work is important, but we should also allow ourselves the well-deserved indulgence by enjoying life and rewarding ourselves after hard-won victories - big or small. With Swiss Miss Chocolate Hazelnut, this is possible anywhere - at work, at home or even while travelling!," said Anne.

Experience La Dolce Vita by enjoying life's little pleasures and rewarding yourself with the new Swiss Miss Chocolate Hazelnut.

Swiss Miss Chocolate Hazelnut is now available in leading stores and supermarkets nationwide. For more updates, visit Swiss Miss Philippines on Facebook and follow them on instagram @SwissMissPH.

My #OOTD for the event "La Dolce Vita With New Swiss Miss Chocolate Hazelnut

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