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Shop Globally with Uskoop

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Shop Globally With Uskoop

Shopping has always been one of my favorite things to do. (Assuming that I have money to spare, of course haha) This hobby just has a certain quality that gives people happiness. It just feels fulfilling to buy something after wanting it for so long. This experience exudes joy by giving you something new to cherish. Personally, I love buying things that I need. Also, I make sure that the item will last for a long time since I don't really shop a lot.


the catch to this experience is that you can't always shop personally or sometimes the product you want is not available in local retail stores.


Some people will tell you to stop worrying because there are international online stores that ship to the Philippines. BUT DID YOU KNOW? Most transactions of online shopping have been nightmares some of us can't get over with, including me. Thus, international online shopping has been on my last resort since forever.

Can you relate?

If you can,

Don't cha worry,

I got you.


There is a way you can avoid all of this.


And that is through Uskoop Ph.

Uskoop is a one stop website when it comes to online shopping. It basically lets you shop from a wide range of US online merchants and then they will compute all the fees (especially taxes and shipping) you need to pay. Upon payment, they will buy the product for you while you wait  for your products to be delivered at your doorstep. Cool, right? If you haven't pictured it yet, check this picture I got from their website at

Photo from: Https://

This is my honest to goodness thoughts about this company. I have not tried this site yet. HOWEVER, it does sound really promising. It's also a very helpful way for online shoppers to be able to buy hassle-free from international stores. 

I'm also speaking for myself since I have encountered tons of problems with items that are being delivered here especially with taxes and importation fees (which I hope will not be a problem anymore with the new law but still). I also remember one time, I bought something from Ebay, it took two months to get here which was a disappointment because I was really looking forward to get the item.  In addition, I've read so many reports on Facebook and the rest of social media on how people also experience problems (such as, their products being swapped, fees are doubled, long waiting time, etc) in their transactions. It's no secret to everyone that online shopping internationally is a pain for reasons their own. 

Need more convincing?

- Considering that this is a website for online shopping of products in the US, it's a great thing that it covers shipping as well as shopping. Isn't it disappointing when you see something you like and then you found out that the seller is not willing to ship in the Philippines? Well, in Uskoop you don't have to worry about this. It really proves it is a one stop website for its flexibility giving consumers a way to have a hassle free experience.

- One problem in most online shoppers is getting their packages from the post office. It's just too much work; waiting for your package and then going to the post office to settle the bill. What if your busy? Or maybe you live far away? With Uskoop, you'll just have to wait for 10- 15 business days and just make sure that their is someone in your house.

Plus, you don't need to have a US shipping address since Uskoop ships VIA air nationwide!

- You don't need to apply international credit cards for Uskoop because they will take care of the payment. Just pay using the 4 payment options mentioned below and you're good to go!

- They offer four multiple payment options which gives you choices. You can pay from your credit card (C2P, MasterCard, VISA) or over-the-counter (with Dragonpay). Make sure to follow the instructions on the payment portion in your transaction. 

- Since Uskoop offers tons of US online merchants, Single checkout is PERFECT. You don't need to worry about having multiple transactions because you can pay them all at once. 

- What do you mean with this? When you paste the link of your desired item, Uskoop will compute all the fees (including shipping, customs, and taxes with insurance) and then show you the amount you're going to pay. After checkout, you don't need to pay anymore just wait for it to be delivered at your house.

- It's just as is. You don't need to worry about paying the US Sales Tax.


Uskoop takes care of pretty much everything, all you need to do is get the link of the item you want to order and buy it on Uskoop. Then you can just lounge and chill while waiting for your item to arrive at your door!

Here are the list of US online shops they cater so far:


Now that we've establish what Uskoop is, I'm going to list down a few items I've been eyeing for a while now.


Having a camera that you can rely on is a great luxury to find. Whenever you go anywhere, you can just snap your memories and then keep it forever. Since I'm a blogger/ youtuber, it's a staple need for me to have an awesome camera I can rely to. But let's be honest, a lot of people nowadays whether you're a photographer, teacher, business man or a bystander, most of us take pictures when we travel. Why not invest on a high quality- worth the price camera for awhile, right?

Nikon Coolpix L840 is one of the best point and shoot budget cameras with similar features from DSLR. This in turn makes it cheaper and worth it.  It has a flip screen which is obviously great for vlogging and selfies. Plus, you can find cheap bundles from Amazon, like the one I found! For about Php13,000 you already have a camera, tripod, sd card and many more!

With Uskoop, it's a snap to take a snap!

Makeup has always been one of my favorite trend nowadays. As you know, I'm a beauty blogger so I'm really up to date to popular beauty trends. One of my most wanted product for a while now is the Anastasia glow kit. I just love how it shines brightly which leaves your skin blooming. It was kind of hard to find authentic Anastasia products since fake cosmetics have been so popular these days. Thankfully, I stumbled upon the Macy's website and found this glow highlighters!

It's pretty expensive for one palette, but I've read so many positive reviews so I think that it's worth a try. A plus side in buying from Uskoop is that it's guaranteed authentic if you buy from trustworthy sites plus it's cheaper than some online shops here in the Philippines. Proving this, I will have a faceoff between Uskoop and an online shop here.

As you can see, The glow kit from Uskoop is about 350 pesos cheaper than the other store.  350 pesos is no joke because you can buy a family pan pizza for that amount already. (P.S. I love food haha)

With Uskoop, you'll shine bright with delight!

Ahh lippies. If you've been reading my blog posts, you'll notice that I'm obssessed with lippies of any kind as long as it's great, Thus, you can't blame me if I'm attracted to Kylie LipKits because it has been an ongoing makeup rave for quite a long time now. I just want to try those nude matte lipsticks on my lips.
I was actually shocked that Uskoop cater to kyliecosmetics directly because it was not on the list. However, I'm not complaining since this gives us 100% authenticity which is great for makeup lovers. Don't you just hate it when you spend your money for an original price but then receive a knockoff?

I was S H O C K E D at the price! I often see Kylie Lipkits at 2000 - 3000 pesos online. Although, 1990 pesos is still expensive, at least your sure that what you're getting is what you paid for.

Warning: There's another faceoff!

There is a 210 pesos difference in both prices which is quite a lot. (You can buy a happy meal in this amount) Although, there are some Kylie lipkit sellers that priced their product for 1990 too.

I love love love heels. I found this item in forever 21 US. I've been searching for this exact design for a long time now so I was just so psyched to see it in the site. One good thing about online shopping is that you can see the designs without hassling your self. Unlike if you go to the store and found out that your shoe size is out of stock. Right? It's better to canvas what you want first before buying it. 

I'm trying to stay fit but I lack the motivation to do so. But with this chic ative mesh-paneled leggings from Forever 21, I can be energized to werk it!

And that's all for now! I hope you got something from my post. Don't be shy to comment your thoughts about this!

By the way, there's an ongoing promotion. Just use the promo code USKOOPTEN% Valid til November 7, 2016 and get 10% off on shipping and handling fee.

Also, don't forget to visit and follow their social media accounts for updates! Do visit their website at



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