Manila's Best Coffee - A New-found Coffee Haven

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What comes to mind when you think of coffee? Is it the rich, delicious aroma or the calming bittersweet feeling it brings? Well, nevertheless, coffee lovers have their own reasons why they tend to consume this beverage from time to time. Manila's Best Coffee is a Cafe which emphasizes coffee in the Philippines.

(P.S. Pictures are from Manila's Best Coffee Madison Galeries Branch)

Not only does it perfectly depict the Filipino lifestyle, but it also has a calming ambiance as well. Therefore, customers can enjoy the peaceful stay at the cafe; making it a great meet up place for study groups, business meeting, friendly chat ups and the like.

 They offer great selections from coffee beans (Kape Barako, etc) to cold blended drinks. It pretty much reminds me of Starbucks, but much less cheaper. Their blended coffee ranges from 90 to 200 pesos depends on the size and type.

This is their menu: 

P.S. Try their White Chocolate blended drink, it's my personal favorite. 

Enjoy your cup of coffee with your loved ones!

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  1. Looks inviting! Too bad I live on the other end of the city.


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