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Slimming products (capsules, coffee, juices and the like) are an ongoing trend these days. Almost everyone seems either too busy or too lazy to work hard by exercising. Plus, food is a universal happiness. I mean, who doesn't love food, right? These make losing weight and living healthy a tedious chore sometimes. Thus, people prefer having an aid (a.k.a. slimming products) for having their ideal body.

I personally have heard of brands that offer slimming capsules and drinks which have worked for a lot of people. I've also read stories and reviews about them. However, there are also a lot of negative experiences that I've read. Namely, uncontrollable poop. This, in turn made me skeptical to these kinds of products. So when I was offered to review a Prima Sassy Belle product, I chose the Curvetrim juice, their version of slimming beverage.

Just a short background on Prima Sassy Belle, it is a Filipino owned corporation which was built in the Philippines on September 2016. They offer goods which ranges from must have beauty, health and wellness products. They have tons to choose from. (Perfumes, Slimming drinks, whitening creams, and many more). They promise to deliver with the highest quality. To know more about their company, visit: What's great about this is you can pick up the products from their store or order them online. Also, if you want to be a reseller, they have discounts and perks for members.

Curvetrim juice promises like any other slimming juices do, to achieve your dream body and lose weight successfully. It also aids in a healthy digestive system.

Achieve your dream body with the slimming juice that would make you feel and look at your best. The key ingredients help you feel fuller between meals, so slimmig down is as easy as 1,2,3. Combined with Glutathione and Collagen which are clinically proven to boost the immune system while making your skin look younger and firmer in the process. Add spark to your nutritional consciousness and juice your way to a sexier you!

However, what's different about this juice is that it does not have a laxative (yay! no pooping) which is what most slimming products have. Their main slimming ingredient is from Indonesia while the others are from USA and China. Also, they're all natural.

Ingredients: Garcinia Cambogia, Gluta, Collagen, Green Tea, Fresh Kalamansi, Blueberry, Spirulina, L-Carnitin, Grapeseed, Probiotics and Stevia. 

Directions: Pour 1 sachet of Prima Curvetrim Juice into 120ml cold water, Stir and Enjoy. (I drank this every morning 30 minutes before breakfast)

My first reaction when I saw the water suggestion was disappointment because it's only half a cup. And in one box which is worth 260 pesos for non-members only has five sachets. So I was thinking that this is too expensive to be taken regularly. I also asked the owner of the shop why it's a little on the expensive side, their reason is that all ingredients are natural, thus, making it safe to intake more than once daily.

Once you open it, the color of the juice looks like red iced tea or strawberry juice. The smell is also overwhelming with berries but I'm okay with that, I actually loved the smell. However, the taste is a little too sour (maasim) at first since I'm not really used to sour juices. It kinda reminds me of Calamansi juice.

I was planning on taking before and after pictures of my body but it doesn't have much difference and you wouldn't see it anyway since I only tried one box, 5 days. However, I can vouch for the product. For me, it worked really well. Being a food lover, I eat 5-7 times a day because I usually crave A LOT. But, when I drank this juice, I wasn't hungry at all. I ate breakfast, lunch and dinner with smaller portions. Also, I noticed that I drank water more than usual because I felt really thirsty at times.

My weight didn't change that much. I just lost about .5 Kgs in 5 days. What I did was, I still ate breakfast, lunch and dinner but in smaller portions. I did not exercise but I walked more. For example, I need to go from place A to place B, usually I take the jeep but when I was trying this out, I walked.


It did work a little for me, losing .500 Kgs in only 5 days with minimal exercise. If you want to lose weight fast, it will work more if you have a proper diet and exercise. There's really no miracle drug (Unless, you go to the doctor) so you choose how you lose weight. Either you have the discipline to work hard for your ideal body. This works as an aid in losing weight but you shouldn't depend solely on it. For me, if I have extra money I will buy this again since I don't have discipline in watching what I eat.

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(Disclaimer: They sent me products for review. This is an unbiased and honest review.) 

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