Prima Sassy Belle - Radiance White Hand & Body Cream Review

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Whitening products are a constant rave in the beauty industry.  Tons and tons of variants and choices are seen in every beauty and skin care brand.  What makes it so successful?  That I don't know but the reasons why people buy these kinds of products is their own.  Personally,  I use whitening products to cure uneven skin tone caused by sun burn or natural causes. And I've tried a lot to maintain my fair skin,  however, I have yet to vouch for a successful whitening product.

Now, I'm intrigued with Prima Sassy Belle's product simply because I liked their Curvetrim juice. See review here.  

Just a short background on Prima Sassy Belle, it is a Filipino owned corporation which was built in the Philippines on September 2016. They offer goods which ranges from must have beauty, health and wellness products. They have tons to choose from. (Perfumes, Slimming drinks, whitening creams, and many more). They promise to deliver with the highest quality. To know more about their company, visit: What's great about this is you can pick up the products from their store or order them online. Also, if you want to be a reseller, they have discounts and perks for members.

I chose their Radiance White hand and body whitening lotion because I have darker arms than my legs, simply because I wear pants whenever I go outside. I'm hoping that this whitening lotion will be effective. The price of the lotion is Php 370 for 120 ml. It's pretty expensive at first glance than other brands.

Right off the bat,  you'll see that the packaging is for women because of the pink toned and girly theme.  The package is simple and pretty common for a lotion so I don't have any issue with it.  The cap is a twist type and is very easy to open.

Like any other lotion,  the product is white.  What I noticed was the consistency,  it's a little bit watery rather than creamy.

But, what I love about this is a small amount of product goes a long way.  (That's a plus if you're into saving) This is also the reason why I said it's on the expensive side at first glance. In addition,  the smell is SO good.  If you have this,  you don't need to wear perfume anymore because it lasts the whole day.

As you can see in the picture it did whiten a bit, but not enough.  So it's a little down for the whitening in my experience. On the other hand, it does moisturize your skin well. For me, this lotion focused more on delivering fragrant soft skin rather than achieving a fair skin. However, we never know because I haven't finished the bottle yet. Maybe this lotion does not have a fast whitening effect. Also, we have to include the fact that I usually walk under the sunlight.

I think that this lotion is worth a try. It did soften my skin really well plus the smell, which is oh so good, really lasts the whole day. But regards to its whitening effect, I have yet to see better results. We all have different skin so maybe it will work faster on others.

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(Disclaimer: They sent me products for review. This is an unbiased and honest review.)

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