Where To Find Budget Christmas Gifts?

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Christmas has always been the season of giving; and let's admit it's also the time where people's wallets get malnourished.  From getting candles to bags,  people spend most of their time finding and browsing for the perfect gift/s for their loved one/s. If one have unlimited money,  then they can enjoy strolling through malls and boutiques without any worries about the amount of the product they're going to buy.  However,  if you're like me (a normal person with a normal income)  then buying from expensive stores can really be a chore. Therefore,  ladies  and gentlemen, I will share budget shops (which I'm hoping you've already heard of) and their pros and cons.

P. S.  And before you say quality over price,  let me tell you something, just because a product is cheap doesnt mean that it's trash.  There are high quality and low quality products in these shops but that's why you need to be keen while shopping.

This shopping market is in the heart of Roxas boulevard.  If you're a south kid,  then this is a go for you.

This contains almost anything you can imagine. It has trendy clothes, costumes, artsy notebooks,  tools,  accessories and many more. The prices usually ranges from Php 20 - 350 depends on what you're buying.  Try to bring around 3,000 pesos and you're golden.  However,  do mind your belongings since most likely it will get too crowded there.

Moving on,  Baclaran market is divided into parts,  I'm not familiar with all of them but what I know is that there's a place for all the costume shops,  clothing,  shoes,  and the like.  Since Baclaran is a big place,  I suggest that you ask directions on the people there.  Plus, there's no harm in asking,  right?  There are booths located in Baclaran but they also have a mall much like 168 in Divisoria which is located near the lrt line.

Ahh, this is by far the most popular budget market here in the Philippines.  Divisoria and Baclaran are pretty much alike in their description.  They both have stores who sell products ranging from just about anything you can think of.

However,  in my personal opinion, Divisoria has much more choices than Baclaran considering that there are about 4 malls full of assorted shops.  Plus, the markets outside the malls.

The price, on the other hand,  really depends on the store you're going into.  Just a suggestion,  go to 698 mall and the outside market before browsing in other malls because it's much cheaper there.  Plus,  the sellers are competing for prices because there are products that are in other shops as well so do not forget to haggle prices and keep on browsing.

I personally don't know much about Greenhills.  I just went there about 2-3 times considering it's very far from where I live.  However,  if you live in the North (like Jon Snow HA HA)  then you pretty much can just go here for your Christmas shopping without hassle.

What I noticed about greenhills is that it's more expensive that Divisoria and Baclaran (clothes are normally priced at php 350 or 3 for 1000) BUT almost all of the clothing or products there are kind of handpicked in a sense that you can easily see a lot of good quality and designs compared to Divisoria and Baclaran where you really need to dig for the best.  Plus,  Greenhills is one of the best market to find your technology needs.

Shopee is my favorite out of all shops in this list considering that it's an online divisoria.  It is an online shop where you can buy almost anything.

However,  the catch is that you'll get free shipping if you buy at least 250 pesos in one seller which is great if the seller has a lot to offer, otherwise you're stuck with a hefty price for the shipping when you can buy something else.  What's also great about this is that they also offer a rebate through shopee coins.  Basically,  if you buy products amounting to 250 pesos the you earn 250 shopee coins.  (100 coins = 1 pesos)

You might not have heard of New Star but this is like a department store.  A cheaper one.  It does have a limited reach and is hard to go to (considering it's in laguna)  but it's suprisingly cheaper than all the markets I mentioned above.

This is great for tools, house equipments,  beauty products and the like.  However,  clothing choices are pretty much scarce.

Anddd we are done with the list.  I hope you guys enjoy shopping this Christmas! Remember,  it's not about the price or the gift,  it's the thought that counts. Plus,  Christmas is not supposed to be focused on material things. As long as you feel like you've bought something that will make your loved one happy,  then you're good to go.

Lastly,  enjoy the spirit of Christmas!

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