Beauty Now and Next Lip Collection Review with Swatches

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Christmas passed, but that doesn't mean gift giving is paused until next year. No, people still have occasions where in a special token is well appreciated. The product I'm going to review today is a perfect surprise for makeup lovers. I recently stumbled upon a great gift set in Watsons.  Most of us know that Watsons - a local drugstore which sells beauty,  medicine, food,  and many more - release perfectly affordable gift sets throughout the year. 

The Beauty Now and Next gift set contains 8 lippies all in all - 4 lipsticks and 4 lipglosses. It's very versatile because the colors have light pink to vampy red in it.  What's great about this set is it only costs 250 pesos. Certainly a cheap steal, right?  Plus,  if you prefer nudes,  they also have a set for those too. I bought this particular set because it has lipglosses.

The packaging of the lipsticks are not sturdy.  It kind of feels like a toy.  You have to be careful when twisting it because it gets stuck. In addition,  it does not have a great look all in all.

The lipglosses, on the other hand, I love.  It looks so cute with it's thin and small body. It's great to bring when traveling since it's very portable.  The twist cap is also very smooth unlike the packaging in the lipsticks.

For the product,  the lipsticks are quite the disappointment because it does not apply smoothly at all. The pigment is also not that high but you can work with it.  It's also not moisturizing and not drying too - just normal. However, it's matte and lasts about 5 hours. Not bad for the affordable price.  The lipglosses, on the other hand,  I can rave about them all day long.  I just love love how it feels on my lips. It's very moisturizing. Although,  it's not that pigmented. Both lippies are not transfer proof so that's a thing you can consider.


For 250 pesos, I can work with these lippies.  I love how affordable they are.  Although this set is not that above average, you can work with it.  If they release more colors in this set,  I will buy again because it's very affordable and I'm in love with their lipgloss. 

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