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Helpful Tips To Achieve your 2017 Resolutions

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2017 has started with its first few days. By now, most people have already thought about their new year's resolutions - a list of goals to achieve by the end of the year. This habit has been a tradition, really. Everyone has their own personal goals and they do what they can for it to be a success. However, some people seldom complete their list and most often than not repeating the same resolution for years.

This post is for people who can relate. Although, take note that there is really no right way to achieve your resolutions since situations are different. Hopefully, this post will serve as your guide in having the best year to complete your goals!

Here is a list of carefully thought tips based on my personal experience:

1. Jot your mind down. Write everything that comes to your mind when you think about your goals. Let it out, no holds barreled thoughts. Do not reword or rephrase anything, jot it dow word per word because once you think about how to write it like the ones you do on essays, you might forget important points.

2. Rate it. Just like everything else, you need to learn how to prioritize meaning putting the important ones first. I'm sure most of us have tons of goals we want to achieve. However, having so much on the list can hinder you from completing everything in one year.

3. Rephrase the Top 5. Now from your draft, choose the top 3-5. (Your number depends on the confidence that you will complete it for a year) Then, reword it nicely. The ones that will really make you motivated. Like for example, instead of writing - lose weight, try to go for "Yay for Sexy Bod!".

4. Game Plan is Everything.  You have a goal but do you have a plan? Without this, it'll be hard for you to attain your goal. Thus, below your goals write how you'll do it. It can be short and simple, it depends on you, really.

5. Execute and Enjoy! Be sure to follow your plan. If you fail, don't be afraid to try again. After all, you have 365 days to be successful. Among everything else, enjoy and have fun!

I hope this short article help you in achieving your goals this year! I'm feeling that this will be your year. May 2017 be filled with countless opportunities and joys. Happy New Year!

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