Miracle Romance: Chibi Rod Eyeliner Review

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As a Sailor Moon fan, I'm quite intrigued with all innovations that include the show. Thus, when I heard about the Miracle Romance eyeliner, I was ecstatic. However, what stopped me though was how hard it is to find in the Philippines.

So you may ask, how I got my paws on this one? I won it at a raffle on Skinned PH - an online shop here in the Philippines. I was shocked, of course, because it's not everyday that I'm lucky enough to win something on the internet. But alas, I did. Of course, before reviewing this product the first thing I searched was the price. In Skinned PH, the Chibi Moon Rod and Heart Rod is priced at Php 950.

At first, I'm thinking this eyeliner should make my eyes look like freaking cleopatra seeing how pricey it was. Let's admit, there are tons of liquid eyeliners from different brands that are much cheaper. The packaging was beyond expectations. It's a collection if your a Sailor Moon fan. It fits your hand smoothly and if you hold it like the one I showed in the first picture, you can imagine yourself as one of the characters in the show before they transform. Geeky. I know. But I really love the show okay.

Moving on, the tip and application were really smooth. You can draw thin strokes if you want to have the subtle eyeliner. Honestly, this was the first time I tried a felt tip eyeliner so I was really shocked. This is great for beginners because the handle is long making it easier to glide on your eyelids. Everything on the packaging is perfect. You can remove the heart on top if you're traveling and instead bring it as a pen type which takes up lesser space.

The product, on the other hand, is okay just like a normal eyeliner. My problem was that it sometimes came of super light so you have to apply over and over again. This makes my application sometimes streaky. However my suggestion is store it standing up with the tip on the bottom so that the product will come off pigmented at first try. It's also waterproof which is great making it lasts longer.

However, it's easy to remove once you rub it. This will be a problem for me because I usually rub my eyes when it's itchy. I guess I will need to bring this eyeliner whenever I wear it for touch ups.


This product is great for Sailor Moon lovers. It gives fans and makeup lovers a common ground which is really great. However, for me it's not really worth Php 950. It's really expensive for an average eyeliner. If you're not a fan and just looking for an eyeliner that's worth your money, I feel like this is not for you. BUT, if you have an extra money to spare then by all means, go for it. You'll never really know unless you try, right?

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