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This article has been due for so long since I received the products about a month ago. But then, I wanted to share my Uskoop experience because I think that this will be helpful for online shoppers who want to know their options in buying from foreign countries.

Last October 2016, Nuffnang Philippines hosted a contest where in bloggers will post their thoughts on Uskoop PH titled: How to Shop Globally With Uskoop. Just a background, Uskoop is a shopping website where it accumulates all the fees (Import, shipping, handling, etc.) from US online merchants and deliver it straight at your doorstep here in the Philippines. For more information check my entry here:  Now as luck and hard work would have it, I won the second price which is Php15,000 store credit. Originally, I thought of buying items that are on my wish list in the post like makeup and camera but at the last minute I changed it to laptop which I felt like I needed more and earphones for my dad.

While I was browsing websites after websites (e.g. Amazon, Newegg, Walmart, Etc.), I found it hard to shop a lot of items because of the shipping fee. The shipping fee is not accumulated, there is a computation for every item you want to buy which makes it expensive in a way. For example, I found cheap makeup tools on Amazon which was worth about Php200.00 but then if you add the shipping fee, it will double the price. So this is what I'm a little disappointed about.

Nevertheless, I was still lucky enough to find an Acer Laptop that was below 15,000 with the shipping fee. Placing the order was quick, you just have to copy the link on your desired item and paste it on Uskoop, and then click buy. Although, my problem was on the over-the-counter payment with dragon pay since it kept on having an error (I had an excess purchase of about Php200). But thanks to the multiple payment method of Uskoop, I was able to find another way.

I got the products I bought about a month. I ordered the product back in November 23, 2016 and I received it on December 23, 2016. I don't have a picture of the tracking record since its already closed. My apologies. It took longer than I expected because I thought that shopping with Uskoop will be faster than actually ordering it on Amazon. Moving on, all of the items were in good condition, especially the laptop. (I don't have pictures because I was too excited to open it and forgot to take them, sorry hihi) It was wrapped nicely with fragile tape which is really great.


What I like about Uskoop is I don't need to go to the post office to claim my order. However, the shipping fee really sets me off. Nevertheless, it's almost the same as ordering in the US merchants themselves but I really enjoyed shopping with Uskoop. I guess I will buy again if it's cheaper in Uskoop. (some items are cheaper in Uskoop, check my entry at the link above).

Overall, I'm really grateful for Nuffnang Ph and Uskoop Ph because the items I ordered were like a Christmas gift to me. I would not have a blogging laptop if it weren't for them. So, thank you so much.

If you're interested in Uskoop Ph, check out their site:

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