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Prima Sassy Belle Sapphire Rose Perfume Review

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Every person wants to have that exquisite and aromatic scent. There are tons of high quality perfumes or colognes offered in the market, however, not all people can buy them as they cost so much. Thus, when Prima Sassy Belle offered me their perfume for review, my curiosity was piqued and I gladly accepted to write a review about it.

Just a short background on Prima Sassy Belle, it is a Filipino owned corporation which was built in the Philippines on September 2016. They offer goods which ranges from must have beauty, health and wellness products. They have tons to choose from. (Perfumes, Slimming drinks, whitening creams, and many more). They promise to deliver with the highest quality. To know more about their company, visit: http://primasassybelle.com. What's great about this is you can pick up the products from their store or order them online. Also, if you want to be a reseller, they have discounts and perks for members. 

(I also reviewed their Hand and Body Whitening Cream & Curvetrim Slimming juice.)

Okay, back to the Prima Sassy Belle perfume, I got the Sapphire Rose which is their fragrance-inspired Lacoste pink. Most of their perfumes were inspired by world class fragrance like Paris Hilton, Lacoste, etc. You can visit their list here: http://primasassybelle.com/?fz=17&pid=14. My first impressions were it's really great to have a high quality perfume which can last long for Php 320 only.

It was encased with a durable paper box which is assuring because the bottle of the perfume is made of glass. Although, the glass is really thick so I doubt  if it will break easily. The packaging is really simple for me, nothing out of the ordinary. It's not that portable because it's a little big if you're bringing a small bag so its longevity is very important.

Product description:
PRIMA perfume offers fine quality and long lasting fragrances for Men and Women inspired by the sophisticated essences from France.

For the product, it's made with fragrance oil so it lasts long. I can vouch for its longevity because I've tried it. It also doesn't change smell if you wear it in long hours. Although, the fragrance is really strong, thus, I suggest for you to ease on spraying too much.

I love the smell of Sapphire Rose, however, I'm not sure if it smells like Lacoste Pink since I've never used that. Nevertheless, this is really an affordable long lasting and high quality perfume.

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