Taters x Cheetos: Cheetofied Perfection

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Last Wednesday, January 25, 2016, Taters Enterprises, Incorporation and Cheetos held an event "Taters Cheetos Snack Fest" in Glorietta 2 Activity Center to announce the collaboration that would make cheese and snack lovers jump for joy. It was filled up with good music, ambiance and food that the guests surely enjoyed, including me, of course.

The place was filled with decorations which seemed like you were in a "fiesta" inside the mall. A lot of people can be seen excitedly chattering and trying out the different snacks offered. Game booths are also available in the place which is really incredible because it brought fun to the whole experience.

The whole event will not be compete without a program, of course. It was the main highlight of the day. They introduce each snacks with interactive videos and games. Overall, it was really a surreal night.

In this big celebration, they showed the five different scrumptious and delectable cheetofied snacks that has the traditional Taters pop and cheese melting Cheetos crunch combination. These snacks include:

*Drumroll please*


You know when you're in a movie and have your usual popping Taters popcorn which gives the whole experience another level of satisfaction? Well, with Crunch n' Pop, you'll have more than what you expect. Imagine a Cheetos- flavored popcorn with Cheetos itself, a Cheetofied experience indeed! In my experience, pairing this up with a good ol' softdrink is a way to go!


This is the most classic and familiar snack combination for me since I love fried potatoes so much. (Hello, french fries). Crunchy Overload is the epitome of its name, full of crunch. With Cheetos flavored Tater chips and Cheetos crunchy, you're mouth will be left with the crunch of joy and cheese.


Ahh, my second favorite snack among the five variations. Cheetos Chick-N- Chips includes a perfectly fried combination of chicken fingers, Cheetos crunchy, and Cheetos Tater chips. All of this are balanced with Cheetos dip - a melted cheese dip. I find this snack complete and balance which is really great for long hangout periods.


This snack is almost the same as the Cheetos Chick-n-Chips, but instead of chicken they included fish in this food variation. The reason why I loved Cheetos Chick- N- Chips more is because I want chicken more than fish. It's based on your preferences, really. Nevertheless, this is also a delicious and worth-it snack.

This, my dear readers, is my personal favorite. It's a combination of Cheetos- Flavored Chips and Beef Hotdog topped with Coney Island Sauce, BBQ Sauce, Cheetos Dressing and Cheetos Crunchy. I love this snack because of the tinged of spiciness which the hotdog have. Its the perfect partner for the Cheetos- Flavored chips. Plus, this is more of a meal than a snack because you'll be full after one serving which is really worth every penny.

 Are you hungry, yet? 

I am!

Don't worry!

The cheesy fun doesn't stop in Taters stores because the Cheetos Snack Fest has loads of surprises on Taters' facebook and Instagram accounts, so make sure to go online and follow us (@taters.snackleague) - they're giving VIP passes, Chester Plushies, and prizes galore!

What are you waiting for? Come live the dangerously cheesy life with Taters and Cheetos! Promo is on a limited-run from January 25 to May 15, 2017.

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