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Rucy's Vanity Haul & First Impressions

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Korean makeup is a booming trend nowadays. Thus, a lot of people, including me, love to try out cosmetics made from Korea since it's known for its quality and exquisite products. As such, Korean cosmetics are often priced more expensive than drug store makeup. When I heard about Rucy's Vanity PH - an affordable cosmetics brand here in the Philippines that produces Korean made high quality beauty products - I was ecstatic. They sent me their make-up products that can be used for a whole Korean make-up look.

This post will be my Rucy's Vanity Haul and first impressions since I plan to review all of these products in individual posts. The reason is that I feel like if I reviewed all of these in one post, it would be too long. Therefore, I will posts reviews on each product.

Here's the haul:

1.) Rucy's Vanity Two- Way Cake

- This is the two- way cake foundation of Rucy's Vanity priced at Php 250.00. The price can actually be patterned to drug store cosmetics here in the Philippines. It's a breath of fresh air, really, since it's hard to find affordable Korean cosmetics.

It only has two shades: Natural Beige (for fair skin), Dark Beige (for Morena). It's a little bit short on the variations and I'm hoping they release more options for this foundation. What I love about this is their packaging. It's very classy with its white overall color and a hint of pink. Once you open it, you can see the powder puff on top of a clear cap which reminds me of BB cushions. It's very innovative which is a plus for me.

2.) Rucy's Vanity Lip & Cheek Red

- This is their version of lip and cheek tint priced at Php 80.00 for 8ml. At first, I was disappointed because for the price, 8 ml seems so small. However, once I tried this, I changed my mind. It's very pigmented, I'm not even kidding. For a small dot, you can have rosy cheeks.

3.) Rucy's Vanity Waterproof Mascara

- Their waterproof mascara is very affordable priced at Php 180.00. It's in a very simple and sleek packaging. The cap twists smoothly. So far, I have no trouble with the packaging.

The mascara wand is very convenient with its thin bristles. This lets you apply the product smoothly without bumping to the skin around your eyes. Although, it does clump a little which can be fixed with a little bit of zigzag motion whilst applying. (This actually survived the sad moments of Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo)

4.) Rucy's Vanity Waterproof Eyeliner

- Their eyeliner is smaller than the mascara and is priced at Php 160.00. I would have preferred it to be longer so its easier to apply. (Somehow my usual problem with eyeliners are how small their wands are)

I love how thin the tip is because it makes it easier to control. Plus, you can form subtle thin lines on your eyes which is great for your daily look and is perfect if your going for the Korean makeup look.

5.) Rucy's Vanity Auto Eyebrow Pencil

- Their eyebrow pencil comes in three colors: black, brown, and grey. This gives customers a wide range of options to choose from which I love. Plus, it has a very affordable price at Php 80.00. I liked the packaging simply because it's sturdy and smooth. Plus, simple elegance is a way to go.


I love Rucys Vanity because not only are they affordable but they also have high quality products. What more can a makeup lover want, right? My favorites (Yes, with an s because I'm like that) are the Cheek & Lip Red, Auto Eyebrow Pencil & Two- Way cake. I think these three stood out from the rest because they're exceptional with their pigment and smooth feel. Although I would have loved if the two-way cake had a dewy finish.

I hope you guys loved this haul! I would be writing a full review for each items by next week so wait for it.

If you're interested with Rucy's Vanity, check out their site:

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