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CDO Amenities Supply: A Company Tailored for your Hotel Business

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When booking hotels, people always check the price, place and the ambiance. The rooms are prepared for giving the customers hassle-free relaxation that should fit closely to home. Meaning, hotel rooms should cater for the complete needs of the consumer - water, bed, soap, shampoo and such. Thus, what really completes the experience is the amenities offered by the company. Without them, it would just be a room where people can sleep in and not a place they will want to stay longer.

 This is where CDO Amenities Supply comes in. It is a company under Eco Puretech which solely focuses on personalized hotel amenities, toiletries and condiments. They are also an eco-friendly company so purchasing orders from them can also do the environment good as their products are all biodegradable. They also guarantee the quality of their products as they are all laboratory tested so it’s safe to use. So far they are based in Cagayan De Oro city here in the Philippines but they also accept orders outside the city. They are only accepting bulk orders (10,000 pcs each item). Their price depends on your preferences. (e.g. Do you want your logo to be embroided or you’re okay with a generic one?)

I will list most of their products so you would be informed in what they’re offering.

  • Hotel Amenities
This is perfect for Hotels, Apartments, and the like. You can tell them all your preferences; colors, sizes, cloth, and logo embroidery. For the bottled products - they let you choose on what design you want which is posted in their facebook page and website. They offer the following:

Bed linens of ALL types (Flat and Fitted Sheets)


Bathrobes, Face towels, Hand towels


Foot Mats and Mattress Protectors


Shampoo Bottles (With or without Shampoo)


Hand and Body Lotion (There are tons of bottle designs to choose from)


Bath Soap (You can choose on what kind of paper to cover the soap with)


Dental Kit


  • Personalized Condiments
This is what’s great for Eco Puretech and CDO Amenities Supply, they cater to wide range businesses and not just hotels. They have personalized condiments for coffee, creamer, white sugar, and brown sugar.

These are just some of the products they have in store for you. They still have tons more on their sites which is listed below.

For more information:

Visit their Facebook Page:

This company really is a one stop shop for your Hotel or food business.

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